Saint Francis High School is a private Catholic coeducational community which was established by the Brothers of Holy Cross and the Diocese of San Jose, and is supported by involved families and individuals for the Catholic education of young people in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.

The Tradition of the Congregation of Holy Cross

The Congregation of Holy Cross was founded by Basil Anthony Mary Moreau after he took over direction of the Brothers of Saint Joseph from Father James Dujarie in LeMans, France, in 1835. Father Dujarie and Father Moreau saw from the beginning that the Mission of the Brothers of Saint Joseph and then the Congregation of Holy Cross would be in the education of youth in gospel values, which would give purpose to the lives of young people in the chaos of society which surrounded them in post-revolutionary France. In 1841, Father Edward Sorin and five Brothers journeyed from France to Indiana to bring the work of the Congregation of Holy Cross to the United States, and they were soon joined in their effort by the Sisters of the Holy Cross. The work of the Congregation spread to all parts of the United States from these beginnings.

Historical Perspective

In 1954, the Brothers of Holy Cross and the Archdiocese of San Francisco established Saint Francis High School on its current site for the Catholic education of young men. A complementary school for young women was established at about the same time by the Sisters of the Holy Cross and the Archdiocese of San Francisco at Holy Cross High School. In 1972, Saint Francis High School and Holy Cross High School merged to become a coeducational Holy Cross Catholic secondary school mirroring the ideal of the Congregation of Holy Cross as a community of men and women, religious and lay, seeking gospel values and sharing the Mission of Jesus.

The Service of the School

Saint Francis High School serves the Catholic families of the area, but also opens itself to other families who wish to experience the totality of Catholic education. As a Holy Cross school, Saint Francis High School serves students with a broad range of abilities and backgrounds and unites them into a community, in which each is able to respect his or her own abilities and limitations and the abilities and limitations of others. Despite the broad range of abilities which the school serves, Saint Francis High School recognizes that its academic program is primarily verbal—reading, writing, speaking and listening. Thus, it establishes required proficiencies for entrance of students into its programs and for their continuation in and graduation from these. Saint Francis High School also recognizes that its total program as a Catholic school involves more than just academics and, therefore, establishes other requirements for students for entry into and for continuation in the school.

Alma Mater

O Lancers hail the Brown and White
Raise it to the sky;
Stand loyal to our Alma Mater
Praise her name on high.
Let mountains echo back our loud acclaim:
Saint Francis High we pledge to you
All honor, love and fame.

Holy Cross Men and Women embody the core values of our community. We call these values the “BRIC” of our educational mission.


Bring Hope by changing the world through Christ's love


Respect others by seeing the face of Christ in everyone


Inspire integrity of the heart and mind by being true to the Gospel in word and action


Celebrate family by building a loving Holy Cross community


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