Student-Parent Handbook 2017-2018


Transportation notice

The following transportation notice was included in the online enrollment process completed for every student. Saint Francis High School sponsors a number of varied activities, some of which occur off campus. In most cases, the school will provide transportation in a school bus or van that is driven by an adult employed by Saint Francis. However, given the number and variety of off-campus activities, the school cannot assume total transportation responsibilities for every student in all situations. There may be times where your student will need to provide his/her own transportation or seek transportation from another student or a student’s parents.

By providing an electronic signature on the enrollment form, you acknowledged that Saint Francis High School makes no pretense about its ability to always provide transportation to and from activities and that you are aware of the information stated above. You also indicated the alternative methods of transportation that you approve for your student on that form.

Under no circumstances is Saint Francis High School asking that you waive the rights of your son/daughter.

Photograph or Videotape notice

Saint Francis High School has the right to photograph or videotape parents, guardians, families and students and to use such photographs or videotapes to promote, advertise or publicize Saint Francis High School or its programs to the Saint Francis High School community and the public in general.

Saint Francis High School streams select athletic and student events live on the web. Notification of event streaming will be posted at the ticket gate/entrance.

In order to ensure every student’s right to privacy, Saint Francis High School asks you to have on file with the school a signed statement if you do not agree to the use of photographs or videotapes by the school. (This does not apply to yearbook photographs or school newspaper photographs printed or published on the school website.)

Saint Francis High School, sponsored by the Brothers of Holy Cross, admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin. The school does not discriminate based on disability if the student is otherwise qualified and can, with reasonable accommodations, meet the graduation requirements of the school.



The Principal is the official representative of Saint Francis High School in all matters pertaining to the scholastic life of the entire student body. Interpretations made by the Principal regarding the regulations contained in this Student Handbook have the same force as the regulations themselves.

  • Bell Schedule
  • Graduation Requirements
    • Community Service Program
    • Semester Period
    • Class Standings
    • Class Rankings
  • Graduation
    • Residency
    • Ceremony
    • Graduation Honors
    • Graduation Speaker
  • Course Requests and Schedules
    • Admission to Class
    • Attendance
    • Adding and Dropping Classes
    • Withdrawal From School
    • Summer School
    • Community College Classes
  • Grades
    • Final Examinations
    • Grade Reports
    • Transcripts
    • Honor Roll
  • Academic Integrity Policies
    • Principle
    • Definitions
      • Plagiarism
      • Cheating
      • General Testing Procedures for all Classes
    • Penalties
      • Plagiarism
      • Cheating
      • Sharing Homework
      • Violating Testing Procedures
      • NHS, CSF and FLHS
  • Academic Eligibility
    • Academic Probation
    • Academic Dismissla
    • Disqualification
    • Academic Board
    • The Review Board


Saint Francis High School considers regular attendance in classes an important obligation of each student. As new teaching methodologies like cooperative learning and interactive media are more participatory and experiential than traditional lecture formats, attendance in class is an integral part of the education process. Collaboration is used to make up a test or quiz, or to ask the instructor for assistance in understanding the material. It is not intended to be a time when the teacher can re-teach what was done in class. Teachers may require that a student make up work outside of the collaboration period.

Saint Francis High School considers six absences of any type in a class per semester to be excessive. This includes illness, medical/dental appointments, meetings, college visitations and personal/family trips.

After six absences of a particular course in a semester, students will not be allowed to make up any missed work or tests. In addition the Director of Academics reserves the right to deny academic credit for that course. Exceptions to this policy for special situations can be made by the Director of Academics.

  • Regulations
    • Tardiness
    • Illness During School Day
    • Cutting a Class
    • Truancy
    • Attendance Infractions
    • Extracurricular Attendance Eligibility
  • Attendance Procedures
    • School Day Absence
    • Leaving School During the Day
    • Parents Who are Out of Town
    • Homework for Students Who are Ill
    • Extended Absences

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry strives to involve the entire Saint Francis High School Community in service to God and to neighbor. The Campus Ministers collaboratively work to encourage, promote and organize the celebration of sacraments, prayer services, retreat experiences, pastoral care, the Holy Cross Service Program and the Immersion Program.


General Philosophy

In an effort to create a Christian environment that is conducive to academic excellence, Saint Francis High School has established a discipline code that allows faculty and students to work together to that end. Rules and regulations enable the individual to develop self-control and also protect the rights of all individuals to pursue their education. The Saint Francis standards of conduct and behavior are based on the principles of Christian morality and the guidance of the Catholic Church. These school standards of conduct apply to student behavior both on and off campus. Any behavior which is contrary to the mission and philosophy of Saint Francis High School is unacceptable and may lead to disciplinary action. Disciplinary action, when warranted, may include suspension, restitution, detention hours, suspension from extra curricular activities or other penalties up to and including immediate dismissal.

Standard of Respect

As a Catholic school, Saint Francis should be a place where Jesus' principle that we must love one another is followed by all, teachers and students alike. Respect for teachers, administrators, staff and fellow students is expected and required by all. Students are called on to respect the worth and dignity of all people, and to live their lives in the image of Christ.

  1. Respect means that we esteem others as people created and loved by God and treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves. We do our best to help and support others.
  2. Respect also means that we never say or do anything that offends, especially in regard to another's race, religion, gender, sexuality, economic status, personal difficulties or disabilities and differences. This includes overt displays of affection.
  3. Respect for others should be given at all times and in all places, not just during school time and on school grounds.
  4. Respect extends to all people, not just members of the Saint Francis school community

Reserved Rights

The disciplinary regulations, procedures and penalties articulated in the Student-Parent Handbook are to be considered guidelines only. The school reserves the exclusive right to modify or otherwise depart from these guidelines when necessary to further or protect the underlying philosophy or mission of the school. The school reserves the right to investigate and discipline any student conduct that the school believes, in its sole discretion, to be contrary to the mission and philosophy of the school.

  • Organization
    • Deans
    • Discipline Board
    • The Review Board
  • Behavior Regulations
    • Assemblies, Rallies and Liturgies
    • Athletic Contests
    • Bicycles, Skateboards and Roller Blades
    • Classroom Conduct
    • Closed Campus
    • Technology: Acceptable Use Policy
    • Damaging School Property
    • Dances
    • Dress Code
    • Facilities
    • Library Conduct
    • Locks and Lockers
    • Motor Vehicles
    • Police Visits on Campus
    • Public Performance Policy
    • Tobacco and Smoking
    • Visitors
  • Serious Offenses
    • Cheating and Plagiarism
    • Dishonesty
    • Disrespect or Harassment
    • Falsification of Notes and/or Misrepresentation by Phone
    • Gang-related Conduct or Hazing
    • Possession of Weapons
    • Fighting
    • Substance Abuse
    • Illegal Substances
    • Substance Abuse
    • Theft
    • Vandalism, Trespassing, Computer Misuse and Pranks
  • Discipline Procedures and Actions
    • Faculty and Staff Action
    • Dean's Office Actions
    • Discipline Board Decisions
    • Disqualification
    • Reporting to Colleges

Extracurricular Programs


One of the best ways to foster the critical social development skill of strong interpersonal relationships, leadership and enthusiastic participation in life is through involvement in many and varied activities. This philosophy is at the core of the Holy Cross mission statement which promises to empower students to achieve their highest potential. In order to reach this goal, Saint Francis provides a broad range of activities and experiences for student enrichment. All students are expected to participate in at least two extracurricular activities a year as a means of fostering their development as well-rounded young adults. Verification of extracurricular participation will be noted on a student’s transcript.

When students participate in sports, activities, or attend school-sponsored events, the school expects all students to leave campus immediately following the end of the activity.

Extracurricular Eligibility

The following academic eligibility guidelines are in effect:

In order to participate publicly in an extracurricular activity at Saint Francis, a student must achieve a grade point average of 2.00 (C) for the prior six-week grading period. Please refer to Academic Eligibility in the Academic Integrity Policies (p. 19) section on the handbook.

If a student is involved in a violation of the school’s Substance Abuse Policy, he/she shall be subjected to an extracurricular suspension. Refer to Disciplinary Action for Substance Abuse. (p. 47)

Guidance and Counseling

Academic and College Counseling

Counselors assist students in selecting appropriate course schedules, finding peer and adult tutors when needed, and with graduation requirements. In the freshman year, students will work with counselors on a wide range of issues and topics including the Saint Francis curriculum. In the sophomore, junior, and senior years, counselors assist students in academic planning, college and career exploration, and navigating the college admissions process. All students have access to their counselor through email, and on a drop-in basis at collaboration, lunch or after school.

College and Career Center

The College and Career Center hosts nearly 200 college admissions representatives in the fall and coordinates parent education events on college admissions topics throughout the year. The Center is available to students for college and career-related questions through email, and on a drop-in basis at collaboration, lunch, or after school.

Confidentiality Policy 

Information students share or reveal in meetings with school counselors is considered confidential. The school counselor protects the confidentiality of information with the following exceptions specified by California State Law and school policies:

A school counselor must:

  1. report suspected child abuse to Child Protective Services.
  2. report information to persons outside the school when the school counselor deems a student to be a threat to harm him/herself, threat to harm another person, or a threat to destroy property.
  3. consult with the appropriate school administrator regarding such situations that may be potentially disruptive or damaging to the school’s mission, personnel and property.
  4. disclose information deemed to be confidential when ordered to do so by a court of law.

Learning Differences

Saint Francis High School welcomes students with a variety of learning and/or attention difficulties who can meet the academic demands of a college preparatory environment. We will make every reasonable effort to ensure that each student receives the most appropriate education available. With proper documentation, a student may receive accommodations and limited academic support at school. This will be determined by the Learning Specialist who is a member of the Guidance and Counseling Department. The ultimate responsibility for specific educational needs and remediation lies with the family.

The procedures applicable to students with learning disabilities and/or attention deficit disorder include:

  1. Student must submit documentation of a diagnosed Learning Disability or Attention Deficit Disorder, following the College Board guidelines, completed within the last three years by a licensed professional. Documentation must state explicitly that the student both has a disability and that he/she is therefore substantially limited in a major life activity related to learning. Examples of appropriate documentation can be found at
  2. The Learning Specialist reserves the right to review all documentation submitted to make certain that it meets the above guidelines and is current. The Learning Specialist will advise parents when re- evaluation is required, and may find it necessary to disallow students from accommodations when documentation is out of date.
  3. After a student’s documentation has been approved, a meeting will be held with the student, parent, and Learning Specialist to formulate appropriate accommodations and classroom strategies. The Learning Specialist will then distribute the accommodation form to all of the student’s teachers and counselor, and will redistribute to new teachers each subsequent semester.
  4. Documentation of a learning disability, psychological disorder, or Attention Deficit Disorder does not necessarily guarantee a student accommodations on the SAT or ACT. This determination is made independently in consultation with those agencies. Upon approval, testing will be administered according to outside agency timelines and parameters, and may not be available at Saint Francis High School.

Reporting to Colleges

Saint Francis High School reserves the right to report any serious academic or disciplinary violations which result in suspension, probation or dismissal to matriculating schools, including high schools, colleges and universities. Saint Francis will report any illegal behavior, repeated serious disciplinary or academic violations or any offense that could cause harm to a school community on the Secondary School Report and the Midyear Report for colleges. Any serious offense during senior year that results in suspension or probation will also be reported to colleges.

Tuition Policies

Tuition and Registration

Saint Francis tuition for 2017-2018 is $17,980. The tuition includes a non-refundable initial tuition deposit of $1,000. This deposit/registration fee, for returning students, is due May 5, 2017. After this payment, the remaining tuition of $16,980  is payable to SMART Tuition Management Systems. Enrollment in SMART is mandatory and will cost $45 per family to enroll. A ten-month, single, or two-payment plan is available. The first payment will be due July 5, 2017.

Remittances are to be made payable and sent to SMART Tuition. The Business Office no longer receives tuition, grad and other fee payments. Tuition remittance not received at SMART, by the 5th of each scheduled payment option, will incur a late fee. Please consult SMART Tuition instructions for payment methods and options, late, and return check fees. A balance due in accounts will incur a late fee.

Tuition accounts must be current in order to allow the administration of the student's semester finals. Past due accounts will be notified by SMART Tuition, and the school, of past due fees and amounts prior to the final exams. Tuition accounts will be reviewed several weeks prior to exam to confirm student’s eligibility to take semester exams.

Financial Aid

Saint Francis seeks to make its education available to every eligible student who would benefit from a Catholic, Holy Cross education, no matter his/ her financial status. Aid is granted on the basis of financial need with the amount of the award dependent upon the resources available. Current Saint Francis families have priority for the financial awards, but all entering students who apply for aid will be considered. Applying for financial aid has no bearing on the admission process.

Work Grant and Financial Aid

Financial aid is granted solely on the basis of financial need and includes a work grant component that requires students to give tuition service hours back to the school. Work/Service hours will be scheduled to allow students to fully participate in normal school and extracurricular activities. Incoming freshmen are exempt from service/work hours for their Freshman year in the financial aid program. 

Maintaining the Financial Aid Award

All student enrolled in the financial aid program are required to perform their tuition service hours responsibly, cooperatively, and maintain good grades and citizenship. Recipients of financial aid are required to achieve at least a 2.0 in all of their classes to remain in the program. Hours must be completed on schedule to receive the tuition assistance credit.

Application Process

A FACTS Financial Aid Application is to be submitted each year by all families requesting consideration for financial aid. The deadline for submission each year is on or about February 4. Late or incomplete applications will cause delays in providing the assessment of the family’s need. Delays may create a “lower or no award” being available when an assessment is ultimately received.

General Information and Facilities

Great care is taken to maintain the beauty and availability of the Saint Francis High School campus and facilities. Students are expected to have respect for property and people in the use of any school facilities. Permission to use any school facility should be obtained from the administration and all activities must be supervised. On normal school days, students should not arrive on campus before 7:00 a.m. when the classroom buildings are opened and there is supervision on campus. There is limited supervision for students who remain on campus after school hours when they are not involved in the extra-curricular program.

Administrative Offices

The offices of the Principal, the Director of Academics, the Director of Admissions, the Director of Finance and the Business Office are located in Holy Cross Hall (100 Building). The offices of the Campus Ministry, Director of Campus Ministry, Director of Activities and Counseling are located in the Sobrato Family Learning Commons. The offices of the President, Director of Institutional Advancement, Director of Endowment and Tuition Assistance and Alumni Director are located in Andre House. The office of the Director of Athletics is located on the first floor of Alumni Gym, adjacent to the Burns Family Pavilion. The offices of the Communications Department are on the first floor on Andre House, and the Director of Planning and Facilities is located in Saint Joseph Hall (Educators Center). The offices of the Dean of Students and the Attendance Office are located in Dujarie Hall (300 Building).

Angelo A. Aguiar Athletic Complex

The Angelo A. Aguiar Athletic Complex is available to those involved in athletics. The facility is only available when a faculty member is present. This complex includes the Ron Calcagno and Chris Bradford Stadiums and the Tom Tuite Track.

Athletic Fields

The athletic fields are available to students who participate in physical education or athletics. The main stadium field, Brother Fisher Field, is named after the second Principal of Saint Francis. The baseball stadium field, Higgins Field, is named after Ira Higgins, who donated much of the land on which Saint Francis is located. 

Cassin Family Library

The library is open from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily and is located on the second floor of the Sobrato Family Learning Commons. The library is dedicated to Br. Eamon Schaffer C.S.C.

Cunningham Wrestling Room

The Cunningham Wrestling Room is available to those involved in P.E. or athletics. The facility is only available when a faculty member is present.


The Chapel is located in Saint Joseph Hall and is open to students before school, at lunch and after school.

Classroom Buildings

Classroom buildings are named after significant people involved with Saint Francis. Holy Cross Hall (100 Building) is named for the founding order of Saint Francis. Dujarie Hall (300 Building) honors Rev. James Dujarie who organized the Brothers of Saint Joseph who later became the Brothers of Holy Cross. André Hall (500 Building) is named for Saint André Bessett, C.S.C., who ministered to the sick of Montreal. Higgins Hall (600 Building) is named for the Ira and Elise Higgins Estate whose donation of land and money made this building possible. 

Emergency/Evacuation Procedures

In the front of each classroom there is a red sign showing the evacuation path for that room. In the event of an emergency which requires evacuation of the building, students are expected to remain quiet and calm and to listen for special instructions from the teacher or from some other authorized person. Students go in single file to their designated evacuation area. ANY STUDENTS NOT IN A CLASSROOM WHEN THE ALARM IS SOUNDED SHOULD REPORT TO THE FRONT OF BURNS FAMILY PAVILLION DURING A FIRE DRILL, OR THE END ZONE IN A SITE EVACUATION.

In the event of an emergency:

If a disaster occurs during school hours, school administration will determine the course of action and oversee the release of students. Updates will be posted at and when possible, the school will use the Emergency notification System to communicate updates via recorded phone message and email. Faculty and staff will stay with your child until he or she is picked up by you or the school has released your child based on what you authorized on the Transportation section of the enrollment form. The school has a supply of food and water for students who may be required to remain at the school during an emergency. Faculty and staff teams are organized and trained in first aid, security, rescue, roll call and parental communications.

  • Do not call the school, as it will be necessary to keep the telephone lines open to communication with emergency and government personnel.
  • Please wait for the school’s Emergency Notification System to notify you by recorded phone message and email with current information and special instructions. To receive up-to-date information, be accessible at the emergency telephone number/email address you provided.
  • Before coming to Saint Francis, check the Saint Francis website ( for instructions. In the event of a large scale emergency, the local AM radio or television station may contain for information on how the school would like parents to proceed.
  • Do not call your student’s cell phone as this could complicate the situation, and the cell phone lines will likely not be working or be busy.

Burns Family Pavilion and Alumni Gym

Burns Family Pavilion, along with Alumni Gym, are available to those involved in P.E. or athletics. All activities which are held in the gym facilities, including the Gomo Family Fitness Center, must be scheduled through the Master Facility Calendar, and must be supervised by appropriate athletic or school staff.

Health Room

The Health Room is located in the 300 Building. It is open from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and is staffed by volunteers that are usually non-medical personnel. The Health Room is intended to be used by students for short durations of time.

Medication at School

Health Room volunteers do not dispense medication. Students who require medication for any reason during the school day must bring it from home in its original container, have a parent or doctor’s note on file in the Dean’s Office, and are responsible for both self-administration of the medication and its safe keeping. Students who are on a continuing medication program must have the medication listed in their medical form each year. Otherwise, no medication should be bought to school.

This information is extremely important for any emergency situations that may arise.

Holy Cross Aquatic Center

Holy Cross Aquatic Center is available to those involved in P.E. or athletics. Aquatic facilities are available only when a deck-certified faculty member is present.

Holy Cross Educators Center

The Educators Center is located in Saint Joseph Hall. The hall is named in honor of the patron saint of the Brothers. The Educators Center is the faculty-staff work center.

Job Listings

Local businesses and families often contact the school seeking to employ our students. Listings of such job openings are posted in the Sobrato Family Commons through the Activities Office.

Lancer Locker

Lancer Locker is located in the Sobrato Family Learning Commons, and is open for business on Tuesdays and Thursday, from 8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m., Wednesdays from 8:30 a.m.–1:00 p.m. and on Fridays from 10:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m. Lancer Locker sells Saint Francis logo wear, uniform shorts, P.E. clothes and replacement locks.

Little Theater

The Little Theater is located in the middle of Dujarie Hall (300 Building) and is used for large group meetings and A-V presentations.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found is located in the Dean’s Office (300 Building). Any property which students find on the campus should be brought to the Lost and Found. Every two months, all unclaimed articles will be donated to a local charitable organization.

Malcolm Center (Lancer Café)

Malcolm Center (cafeteria) is open before school and at munch and lunch. On Gold Day mornings, Lancer Cafe is open from 7:15 a.m. – 8:45 a.m. After school the Lancer Cafe is open for drinks and snacks until 5:30 p.m.

Laura Ellen Finn Music Center

The Laura Ellen Finn Music Center (RM 600), is located in Higgins Hall (600 Building) and is available to students who participate in music and choir classes or extracurricular programs. The center is only available when a faculty member is present. 

Performing Arts Center and Graham Theater 

The Performing Arts Center and Graham Theater are available to students who participate in performing arts classes and extracurricular programs. The Performing Arts Center is only available when a faculty member is present.

The Sobrato Family Learning Commons

The Sobrato Family Learning Commons is open to all students from 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. The Cassin Family Library is located on the second floor. Located on the ground floor, the Haughey Family Student Center includes the Activities, Campus Ministry and Guidance and Counseling offices, and Lancer Locker. Eight classrooms (200-207) are also located in the building.

Student Council Offices

A meeting room for students is available in the Activities Office located in the Sobrato Family Learning Commons.

Student I. D. Cards

Photo identification cards will be issued to all students, and must be presented for admittance to dances and sporting events. In addition, the bar code number on the back of the card is required to check materials out of the school library. ALL students, including seniors, must be photographed for this purpose on book day. There will be a $10.00 fee to replace lost I.D. cards. Student I.D. cards will also allow participation in the Debit Account Program managed by Lancer Cafe.

Work Permits

Work permits are issued by the Activities Office located in the Sobrato Family Learning Commons. Students who receive employment may pick up an application to be completed by their employer and signed by a parent or guardian. The actual work permit will usually be issued the next working day.


Yearbooks can be purchased through March from your Smart Tuition Account. After the March deadline, yearbooks can be purchased by cash or checks in the Activities Office.

Evacuation Map

Evacuation Map

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