Course Requests and Schedules

A student will ordinarily be assigned to the core courses that the student requests for an academic year, if all prerequisites for these courses are met. It is important that a student select these courses carefully, considering future study plans, career goals and life goals. Ordinarily a class schedule request cannot be changed after it has been submitted. Teacher change requests will not be honored. No schedule change requests will be honored after three days of the academic semester.

Admission to Class

A student ordinarily must have completed all the steps of the registration process, have submitted all required forms to the office, and have made payment on any outstanding financial obligation to the school before being admitted to class. Additionally, students who have not filed forms required by law with the school will not be admitted to class.


Saint Francis High School considers regular attendance of classes an important obligation of each student and vital to a student’s success in the class. If a student misses class, he/she is responsible for information and work from the class period. It is important to understand that collaboration cannot be used as a replacement for class. Collaboration is used to make up a test or quiz, or to ask the instructor for assistance in understanding the material. It is not intended to be a time when the teacher can re- teach what was done in class. A teacher may require that a student make up class work outside of Collaboration. Attendance regulations are outlined in the Attendance chapter of the Student-Parent Handbook. Saint Francis High School reserves the right to deny academic credit in a course to any student after six absences in a particular course per semester.

Adding and Dropping Classes

Ordinarily a student will not be permitted to add or drop a course after a semester begins. Requests for schedule changes must be made through the student’s counselor, and in exceptional cases, an approval may be granted by the Director of Academics for a schedule change after the semester begins. No schedule changes will be made after three days of the academic semester. For specific details refer to the Academic Course Bulletin or the Guidance and Counseling Department.

Withdrawal From School

Students whose parents wish them to terminate their work at Saint Francis High School during a semester or at the end of a semester must complete the withdrawal procedures and file proper information with the Director of Academics. If a student leaves during a semester without officially withdrawing, the student will receive a grade of “F” in all courses.

Summer School

Students who take summer school courses for credit or for make-up must have the approval of the Director of Academics in order to transfer these credits to Saint Francis High School. A student who fails one or more semesters of a required course during the academic year is expected to make up the course in summer school if the student wishes to return to Saint Francis High School for the following academic year. Grades for classes that are repeated in summer school are listed on a student’s transcript and calculated in a student’s grade point average, but are an addition, not a replacement, for previous grades.

Community College Classes

Students are encouraged to take enrichment classes at local community colleges when these classes are not offered at Saint Francis High School. Seniors especially may want to take a class to enhance their preparation for college or for a career. These classes, however, may not be taken in lieu of a class at Saint Francis High School nor may the credit be transferred to the school for high school credit. Any student wishing to take a class at a local community college is required by the college to have the signed approval of the Director of Academics. Further information on community college classes can be obtained from your counselor. The grades from these courses are put on the transcript as enrichment courses in the appropriate department. The student will not receive GPA credit or credit toward graduation.
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