Academic Eligibility

In order to participate publicly in an extracurricular activity at Saint Francis, a student must achieve a grade point average (GPA) of at least a 2.00 for the prior six-week grading period. When a student becomes academically ineligible, the student may no longer participate publicly or be excused from any class for anything related to that activity.

A student who does not attain a 2.00 GPA in a six-week grading period will be granted probationary eligibility if the students's GPA is between a 1.7 (C-) and 2.00. If the student’s GPA is below a 1.7 (C-) no probationary eligibility will be granted. When granted probationary eligibility, the student will remain eligible to publicly participate until the next grade-reporting period, at which time the student must attain a minimum of 2.00 GPA to remain eligible. If the probationary student does not attain the 2.00 GPA necessary, the student becomes ineligible until the next six-week reporting period.

A student will be granted only one (1) probationary period during any school year, and it will be granted for the reporting period immediately following the student’s first failure to attain the required 2.00 GPA. There will be no probationary eligibility granted after the second semester. Thus, if a student does not attain a 2.00 GPA at the end of the second semester, he/she will be declared ineligible for the first reporting period the following school year. The student, however, could go to Summer School to make up his/her deficiency and become eligible.

Academic Probation

A student is automatically placed on academic probation for one semester if his/her semester academic grade point average falls below 2.0 (C) or if he/she receives two semester grades of “F” in any one semester. At the conclusion of this period of probation, the Academic Board will evaluate the student’s academic performance and make one of the following recommendations based upon this performance: that the academic probation be lifted from the student; that the student continue on academic probation for an additional semester; that the student be disqualified from further attendance at Saint Francis High School. Students admitted on academic probation follow the terms of probation as outlined in the admission policy.

Academic Dismissal

Saint Francis High School reserves the right to dismiss a student for poor performance in any academic semester. In addition, a student is academically dismissed from further attendance at Saint Francis High School for any one of the following five academic conditions:

  1. A student remains on academic probation after three probationary semesters or
  2. A student on academic probation receives two semester grades of “F” in any one semester or
  3. A student not on probation receives three semester grades of “F” in any one semester or
  4. A student has a cumulative GPA below 1.5 at the end of his/her freshman year or
  5. A student has a cumulative GPA below 1.7 at the end of his/her sophomore year

A student who is academically dismissed will be withdrawn at the end of the semester in which dismissal occurs.


As written in our mission and philosophy statements, our primary goal is to provide a value-based education for each student enrolled at Saint Francis High School. We also recognize, however, that there are sometimes occasions when a student’s conduct and/or academic performance falls below the expected standards of the school. Therefore, the school reserves the right to disqualify from further attendance any student who fails to meet the academic and/or disciplinary conditions set forth in this handbook.

Academic Board

The Academic Board reviews the academic performance of all students and recommends students for academic probation. In addition, the Board is empowered to dismiss any student who fails to meet the conditions of his/her academic probation, or for poor performance in any academic semester.

The Academic Board is made up of:

  1. Director of Academics, Chair
  2. Director of Admissions
  3. Head of Guidance and Counseling
  4. Student Services Representative
  5. Teacher Representative

The Review Board

The Review Board is responsible for reviewing appeals brought by students or parents concerning dismissals by the Academic or Discipline Boards. The Review Board makes the final decision in regards to all appeals, limiting its review to procedural questions. Should there be a meeting of the Review Board, it will be composed of the Principal, a Student Services designee and an Academic designee. Appearance before the Board is limited to the student and parent/guardian.
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