Saint Francis High School considers regular attendance in classes an important obligation of each student. As new teaching methodologies like cooperative learning and interactive media are more participatory and experiential than traditional lecture formats, attendance in class is an integral part of the education process. Collaboration is used to make up a test or quiz, or to ask the instructor for assistance in understanding the material. It is not intended to be a time when the teacher can re-teach what was done in class. A teacher may require that a student make up work outside of Collaboration. 

Saint Francis High School considers six absences of any type in a class per semester to be excessive. This includes illness, medical/dental appointments, meetings, college visitations and personal/family trips.

After six absences of a particular course in a semester, students will not be allowed to make up any missed work or tests. In addition the Director of Academics reserves the right to deny academic credit for that course. Exceptions to this policy for special situations can be made by the Director of Academics.


Students who are not in their seats when the second bell rings are considered tardy for that class. Tardy students must report directly to the Attendance Office for a late slip. No tardy student will be admitted to class without an attendance slip. A student that is tardy to school will usually serve lunch duty the same day that the tardy is received. Students must have their Student ID cards when they check in if they are late to school.

Saint Francis High School considers five tardies per semester to be excessive. Ordinarily, a warning letter will be issued, and students will be expected to serve detention after school  for any tardies received after that. A student may be suspended for further excessive tardiness.

A student arriving after the second bell of his/her first class must report directly to the Attendance Office, even if it is at the beginning of another class period. After 20 minutes into the class, the missed time is recorded as an absence, not a tardy. Any student arriving from a medical or dental appointment is asked to provide the appointment verification card. The Deans and the Attendance Clerk reserve the right to make exceptions to this policy.

Illness During School Day

A student who is ill during the school day should report to class first and then get a pass to the Health Room or the Attendance Office if no Health Room Volunteer is present.  Students should not contact a parent before coming to the office. A student can stay in the Health Room only for a short time; otherwise parents will be called and the student will be sent home. Under NO circumstances should a student go home before the school contacts the parent or guardian. Failure to do so may result in detention, and the absence declared “unexcused.” Only under special circumstances will a student driver be allowed to drive home. Note: Any student who is on campus at some point during the school day but misses a quiz/test/project in a class that day must contact that teacher on campus during that same day so that the work can be made up for credit.

Cutting a Class

Absence from one class period without a valid reason is considered a disciplinary violation. The first offense penalty will be multiple detention hours. Repeated violations may lead to dismissal. A student who cuts class may not make up missed work.


A student who misses the school day without a valid excuse is considered truant. Truant students cannot make up missed work,and truancy is considered a major disciplinary violation. The penalty for truancy is Saturday detention. Repeated violations may result in dismissal.

Attendance Infractions

Failure to observe attendance rules will result in an attendance infraction, and detention will be served. Leaving without checking out with a pass through the Attendance Office is considered a cut – and no make-up work is allowed.

Extracurricular Attendance Eligibility

All Saint Francis students, in order to be involved in any school-sponsored event, must attend a minimum of two full academic classes that day. Any exceptions must be cleared with the Dean of Students prior to the activity.
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