Holy Cross Service Program and Service Learning

Service Requirements

As a Catholic Holy Cross High School, Saint Francis feels called to provide opportunities for educating the hearts and minds of its students to serve the world. Completion of the Holy Cross Service Program, including both completion of individual community service hours and the completion of the freshman and sophomore service learning components are requirements for successful completion of the Religious Studies courses. The completion of the 50 required service hours, over the course of four years, is a graduation requirement as set by the Board of Directors of Saint Francis High School. Each year the school mandates that every student fulfill this requirement and submit the required hours through their account in the school’s online service platform, x2VOL, for verification and approval. The annual service requirements are as follows:

Freshmen15 hours of direct service with children
Sophomores10 hours of direct service with the developmentally disabled
Juniors15 hours of direct service with the elderly

10 hours of direct service with any of the four populations: children, developmentally disabled, elderly, or poor/economically disadvantaged


All community service must involve the student working in direct contact with members of the population in question, as determined by grade level, and must be done off campus while school is NOT in session. In addition, the service hours must be completed with a valid agency or organization (not with family, friends, or neighbors). Service hours for the following year may be started as soon as the current school year's service deadline for the student’s particular grade has passed. Any direct contact community service work done over the summer will count toward the requirement for the upcoming school year. For a student to avoid penalty, the minimum number of required service hours must be submitted and verified in x2VOL by the deadline. Required service hour deadlines for the Holy Cross Service Program for the school year 2018-2019 are:

SeniorsFriday, February 1st
JuniorsFriday, February 22nd
SophomoresFriday, March 8th
FreshmenFriday, March 29th


Failure to meet the deadline for required Holy Cross Service hours will result in a 3 hour detention after school. Meeting the deadline means that the students has the minimum number of required hours submitted and verified in their x2VOL account by their due date. If the student fails to complete the outstanding service hours within two weeks of the original due date, the student will be suspended from school for one day. Following suspension, if the student fails to complete the outstanding service hours within a second two week period, the student will be suspended from school a second day and subject to further disciplinary penalties until the student successfully completes the service hours. If the hours are not completed by the first day of semester finals, freshmen, sophomores and juniors will then be enrolled in the Campus Ministry Summer Service program at the cost of $250. If outstanding service hours are NOT completed by the last day of Summer School in July, the student may be dismissed from Saint Francis High School.

Students are subject to suspension from school and further disciplinary consequences for falsification of service hours.

Seniors: A senior who does not complete their hours by the first day of senior finals will NOT be allowed to graduate or participate in the graduation ceremony. The senior will receive their diploma upon completion of the service hours. All information about the Holy Cross Service Program is on the school website: www.sfhs.com under Campus Ministry and Holy Cross Service.

Service Learning Component

All freshmen and sophomore students will participate in a full day of service learning through their Religious Studies classes. Freshmen will spend a day with their Religious Studies class in service to an institution that assists children, since ministry and service to children is the focus of the freshmen service projects. Sophomores will spend a day with their Religious Studies class in service to persons with developmental disabilities, as their focus for service will fall within the realm of those with developmental disabilities.

Freshmen and Sophomores MUST attend their service learning day with their Religious Studies Class as scheduled; exceptions will, of course, be made in case of illness or extreme circumstances, at the discretion of the Associate Campus Ministry for Community Service and Outreach and the Director of Campus Ministry. In such an event the Service Learning component must be rescheduled and completed with another Religious Studies class before the end of the current school year. The Service Learning Program for freshmen and sophomores is NOT an optional activity.

Other Service Opportunities

Campus Ministry lends support to the Holy Cross Giving Program which includes but is not limited to The Thanksgiving Food Drive, The Mission Collection, and the Homeroom Projects.

Immersion Program

Inspired by the life of Jesus and the humble service of the Brothers of Holy Cross, our Immersion Program offers students an opportunity to form relationships with the poor and marginalized. Students are exposed to local and global challenges, encouraged to reflect theologically, and called to respond with service. The experience invites students to be open to transformation and to integrate their faith with justice and a sense of the common good. The four tenets of our program are: Solidarity, Community, Spirituality and Simplicity. Interested students and parents are strongly encouraged to attend an information session in October. The Immersion program is open to junior and senior students. Please see the Campus Ministry website for descriptions of past trips. Please note: service performed on immersions are in addition to the hours completed for Holy Cross Service Program, and will not be counted as part of a student’s service hours.

Pastoral Guidance

The chaplain and other members of the Campus Ministry Team are available for spiritual guidance. Students have the opportunity for prayer through the Religious Studies program and the student-led prayer group. Campus Ministry and the Chaplain’s Office also function as “drop-in” centers for informal gatherings of students, as well as faculty and staff.

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