The Deans are primarily responsible for maintaining a positive learning environment for both students and staff. The Deans act as a resource for both students and teachers, mediating conflicts, and providing direction in terms of student behavior. The Deans are empowered to impose penalties for violation of School Policy or Philosophy, to suspend students, to issue formal warnings regarding improper behavior and to refer to the Discipline Board any student who is not meeting the behavior expectations of the school.

Discipline Board

The Discipline Board reviews policies and procedures relating to discipline, discusses students who have disciplinary violations and infractions and makes decisions on cases related to student discipline. In addition, the Board is empowered to dismiss any student who fails to meet the conditions of his/her disciplinary probation, or disciplinary conditions set forth in this Handbook. A member of the Student Council may be invited to attend policy meetings to serve as a consultant to the board.

The Discipline Board is made up of:

  1. Dean of Students (Chair)
  2. Assistant Dean of Students
  3. Athletic Representative (appointed by Deans)
  4. Activities Representative (appointed by Deans)
  5. Faculty member (elected by students)
  6. Faculty member (elected by students)
  7. Faculty member (selected by FSCC)

The Review Board

The Review Board is responsible for reviewing appeals brought by students or parents only, concerning dismissals by the Academic or Discipline Boards. The Review Board makes the final decision in regards to all appeals, limiting its review to procedural questions. Should there be a meeting of the Review Board, it will be composed of the Principal, a Student Services designee and an Academic designee. Appearance before the Board is limited to the student and parent/guardian.
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