Behavior Regulations

Assemblies, Rallies and Liturgies

Assemblies, rallies and liturgies are offered to enhance the school’s academic, social and spiritual programs. Inappropriate behavior, or actions contrary to the Mission or Philosophy of Saint Francis High School, will be referred to the Deans. Students must go directly to the assembly and should sit in the appropriate section. Students should be attentive and respectful to speakers at all times and should not disrupt the assembly in any way. Students must remain in their seats until formally dismissed from the assembly.

Athletic Contests

Proper behavior is expected at all home and away athletic contests. Athletes and spectators should always display an attitude of good sportsmanship toward opposing players, coaches, fans and referees. Sportsmanship means treating one’s opponents with fairness, courtesy and respect. Students whose behavior is inappropriate will be referred to the Deans.

In accordance with CIF/CCS and league sportsmanship policies, the following behavior is considered unacceptable at all high school athletic contests:

  1. Insulting your opponents’ school or mascot.
  2. Insulting opposing players.
  3. Making unsportsmanlike, derogatory or obscene cheers or gestures.
  4. Signs meant to be derogatory toward one’s opponent.
  5. Using artificial noisemakers.
  6. Insulting officials verbally or through gestures.
  7. Proceeding onto the playing court or field before, during or after the contest.
  8. Acting disrespectful during the national anthem or during opposing team introductions.
  9. Visiting an opposing team’s campus before or after a contest with the intent to perform a prank or commit vandalism.

Bicycles, Skateboards and Roller Blades

Bicyclists should use the bicycle lanes and bridges provided and follow the same traffic rules that cars abide by on campus.  Students should not ride on the track. All bicycles should be parked in the racks provided and should be locked at all times. Bicycles chained to other areas may be confiscated and a fine charged for the offense. Missing bicycles should be reported to the Deans.

Students riding skateboards or rollerblades to school are prohibited from riding them on campus at any time. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in disciplinary action.

Classroom Conduct

In the classroom, students are expected to participate in all academic activities and not disrupt the learning process. Students must follow additional classroom rules that are given by their teachers. In addition, the following should be observed:

  1. Students should be in their seats when the second bell rings and not leave their seats without a teacher’s permission.
  2. Students should be prepared for class with the proper books, material, and technology.
  3. Students should use technology with teacher permission.
  4. Students are to be attentive to their teachers and do all assigned work.
  5. Students should not be working on other materials during class.
  6. Students should not call out, push desks, pass notes, throw objects, make noises, chew gum, use offensive language or distract others in any way.
  7. Students should not gather around the teacher’s desk unless permitted. All items on the teacher’s desk are personal and should not be touched or read by students.
  8. Students are responsible for their desks and the area around them and should keep them clean.
  9. Students should not argue with a teacher, but instead see the teacher after class to discuss grades, tests, punishments or other disagreements.
  10. Desks, windows, blinds, thermostats, lights and other classroom items are the teacher’s responsibility and should not be touched or moved by students unless permission is given.
  11. If a teacher is not in the classroom, students are expected to study quietly until a faculty member arrives and gives instruction. If a faculty member does not arrive within five minutes, a single student should notify the front office.
  12. Saint Francis takes great pride in its campus. Students should keep the areas around their desks and lockers clean and should dispose of all papers properly.

Technology: Acceptable Use Policy

Damaging School Property

Any student who damages school property by misuse or negligence will be held responsible for replacing the item or reimbursing the school. Disciplinary action may also result.


Please see: Dances page

Dress Code

Please see: Dress Code page


Lunch areas must also be cleaned before students return to class. Students who litter will be assigned to after- school or lunchtime cleaning crews. Food and drinks are permitted only in Malcolm Center (cafeteria), ground floor of the Sobrato Family Learning Commons (before or after school only) or quad. Gum chewing is not allowed at any time. Students eating or drinking in other areas or students going into the parking lots at lunch without a pass, may be given an infraction notice and detention.

Library Conduct

The library is a place for quiet study and research, and appropriate behavior is expected at all times. Any conduct that disturbs or otherwise detracts from the scholarly and peaceful atmosphere of the library may result in a referral to the Deans.

Please remember that school rules apply in the library: No food, gum, or drinks of any kind, except water bottles, are allowed. No use of cell phones or other electronics until after school. Dress code is enforced from 7:00 until 3:00 p.m. Students should refrain from making unnecessary or disturbing noises in or around the library area. Students should follow the instructions of the library staff and comply with any additional rules or regulations that may be posted inside the library.

Locks and Lockers

Students are not to go to lockers or be in hallways during lunch periods. Student valuables should be locked up at all times in either the hall locker or the P.E. locker. Lockers should be kept secured and combinations kept private. Opening another student’s locker without permission may result in disciplinary action. The school is not responsible for anything taken from lockers or left unattended. Only authorized school locks purchased from the school should be used on gym or hall lockers. Other locks will be removed.

No food should be kept in lockers overnight.

No permanent pictures or materials may be glued or taped to the inside of lockers. Items must be easily removed. Items that are in poor taste, suggestive or contrary to the Christian philosophy of the school are inappropriate. Students are not to move, or change assigned lockers. If there is a problem with your lock or locker, report it to the Dean’s Office.

Lockers may be inspected periodically for cleanliness and should be kept neat. The school reserves the right to open any locker at any time.

Any prank involving a lock or locker, including filling a locker with inappropriate material will result in disciplinary action.

Permission to post anything on lockers, with the exception of birthday greetings and athletic posters, must be obtained in advance from the Deans.

Motor Vehicles

Only a student with a valid driver’s license is to operate a motor vehicle on school grounds.

The school speed limit is 10 m.p.h. Excessive speed, careless driving or cutting in line while entering or exiting, and driving dangerously through side streets are disciplinary violations and will result in disciplinary action, which may include removal of the privilege to park on campus.

Saint Francis reserves the right to follow-up on reckless driving that occurs to and from school.

All state motor vehicle laws apply on campus.

Students should not drive around campus while classes are in session.

Students should never ride on the outside of automobiles.


Students must pay $25 to register a car each school year and will receive a parking sticker. All students who drive to school must register their cars, regardless of where they park. The school issues parking stickers, and students must obey all regulations on the parking map. Cars parked illegally or unregistered cars may be towed, and at the least, will incur a monetary fine.

Repeat violations may cause loss of the privilege to park on campus. Students are expected to park on campus in their designated lot. No student parking is permitted in the neighborhood surrounding Saint Francis High School. The school reserves the right to search any vehicle on school property, or at any school-sponsored activity. Motorcycles are to park in the area designated by the Dean’s Office.

Police Visits on Campus

The school cooperates with all police investigations. In addition, the school reserves the right to dismiss any student that is involved in a police investigation.

Public Performance Policy

Whenever a student speaks, performs, or otherwise publicly represents Saint Francis High School or any of its officially endorsed activities, the following guidelines must be observed:

  1. All performances should follow both the letter and the spirit of the Saint Francis High School mission and philosophy.
  2. Every student should conduct himself or herself in a manner worthy of honorably representing the institution of Saint Francis High School whenever performing publicly. This includes behavior in all school activity or team photos. Any problems will be referred to the Deans.

Students must never:

  1. Consciously use offensive language or profanity.
  2. Emphasize sexually explicit language, gestures or behavior.
  3. Exploit unnecessary references to sex or drugs.
  4. Make racial, ethnic, religious, sexual, stereotypical or cultural slanders.
  5. Make sexist slanders or perpetuate stereotypes.

These guidelines should apply to all members of the Saint Francis com- munity at all times. Our purpose is to represent our school in the most positive manner possible. Students should always check with their coaches, moderators, proctors, chaperones and supervisors for approval before publicly presenting any material in order to ensure that each “performance” is as positive and successful as possible.

Any student who is sent home from an off-campus Saint Francis sponsored activity will be sent home unaccompanied at the parents’ expense.

Tobacco, Smoking, Electronic Cigarettes, or Vaporizer Pens

The smoking, chewing or possession of tobacco, tobacco related paraphernalia,vaporizor pens, or electronic cigarettes are prohibited at school and all school sponsored events. A student who violates this policy will receive a violation and a Saturday detention. Repeated offenses will result in further disciplinary action.


For the safety and well being of our students, Saint Francis High School is a closed campus. Any visitor on campus, including parents, siblings and alumni, must report first to the Main Office or Dean’s Office to receive permission to be on campus during the school day. Students may not invite anyone to campus unless specific permission is obtained from the Deans in advance. Visitors are not permitted to attend masses, assemblies, rallies and other special events during the school day.
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