Dress Code

The Saint Francis dress code reflects the Christian and academic atmosphere of the school. Student attire should reflect pride in the person and in the school, and dress should be moderate and in good taste. The administration and the faculty will monitor student compliance with the code. The Deans reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of a student’s general appearance and compliance with the code. The administration of Saint Francis has ultimate authority to change the dress code when necessary.

The following regulations are to be observed by all students. Note that the dress code is in effect during the school day (7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) and whenever students are in classroom buildings.

General Appearance

All students should be well groomed and appropriately attired at all school-related activities. Specifically, clothing must be neat, clean, modest and in good taste at all times. Extreme fashion in dress or hairstyle is inappropriate for school. Clothing with inappropriate words, graphics, symbols, decorations or references to drugs, alcohol, tobacco or sex is not acceptable. Students whose appearance is judged out of dress code by the faculty or Deans will be subject to the disciplinary policies of the school

Injured Students

Any student needing to modify the dress code due to an injury must request this modification through the Dean’s Office prior to returning to school.

Pants and Shorts

Pants must be full length, neat and properly fitted. Capri pants, if mid-calf and properly fitted, are acceptable school pants. Only school uniform shorts are permitted. Shorts must reach the top of the knee.

Not acceptable: Overalls, fatigues, camouflage, form-fitting (yoga pants,lycra, knit, spandex, jeggings, or skinny jeans) or excessively baggy pants, athletic wear, warm-ups, blue jeans or pants that look like blue jeans, sweats or sweat-type pants or pants and skirts that are tattered, faded, bleached, frayed, or have holes in them.

Shirts, Tops, and Blouses

Collared shirts with sleeves are required for boys, and must be buttoned up and tucked in at all times. Words or graphics on shirts are limited to pocket-sized logos or Saint Francis High School graphics. Girls may wear tops without collars if they are modest in appearance, are not low-cut and cover the midriff. All shirts/tops must have sleeves, including one which is worn under a button down sweater, sweatshirt, or jacket. Shirts worn over inappropriate shirts/dresses do not make the shirt/dress acceptable.

Not acceptable: Crew-neck t-shirts. t-shirts, mock turtlenecks, athletic jerseys, denim shirts, tube tops, tank tops, halter tops, crop-tops, transparent or sheer tops and form-fitting or low-cut tops of any kind.


Skirts and dresses with sleeves are acceptable school attire if they conform to the fit and length expectations of the school. Skirts and dresses must be appropriate for school, modest in fit. Skirts and dresses must touch the knee, even if worn over leggings or tights. 

Not acceptable: Short t-shirt dresses, halter dresses, jean dresses or skirts, sundresses, strapless dresses, low-cut dresses, high- slits on skirts or immodest skirts or dresses of any kind. Shirts worn over inappropriate dresses do not make the dress acceptable.


Jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts are appropriate school outerwear if they conform to the dress regulations of appropriate fit and good taste. Only Saint Francis sweatshirts, college sweatshirts or plain sweatshirts are acceptable. All jackets, sweatshirts or coats may be worn only as outerwear over dress-code attire. No outerwear or other clothing may be tied around the waist.


Shoes or dress sandals must be worn at all times.

Not acceptable: Rubber or plastic thongs or athletic sandals.


Hair is to be neatly groomed at all times. Extreme hairstyles (including mohawks, shaved heads with long hair on top,shaved designs in hair), colors or hair decorations are unacceptable. Male students may not wear their hair longer than the top of the collar nor extend below the eyebrows or below the ears. Male students are expected to be clean-shaven daily.

Restricted Items

The following specific items are regulated or restricted:

  1. No hats, caps or visors of any type are to be worn on campus by any student during the school day;
  2. Sunglasses may not be worn on campus during the school day;
  3. No chains may be attached to clothing or backpacks;
  4. Body piercing, nose rings or posts, or tattoos that are visible are unacceptable for all students;
  5. Spike earrings and large holes in ears are unacceptable and earrings must conform to the standards of good taste and appropriateness;
  6. Military or camouflage clothing of any kind is not permitted;
  7. Blue jeans or pants that look like blue jeans are not permitted;
  8. Denim shirts, skirts, dresses or jackets are not permitted;
  9. Words or graphics on shirts and outerwear are limited to pocket- sized logos or Saint Francis High School graphics. See Outerwear for sweatshirt requirements.
  10. Slippers or moccasin slippers

Liturgy/Special Occasion Wardrobe

In keeping with appropriate dress and respect for certain occasions and events, Saint Francis will require students to dress more formally on specific designated days. These days will be announced in advance and students will be expected to adjust to these guidelines for the school day. This wardrobe as a way to promote school spirit with a logo shirt/blouse and sweater that joins us with our Holy Cross brothers and sisters in New Orleans, San Antonio, Sherman Oaks, and elsewhere around the world.

Boys: White dress shirt with school logo, and either khaki or chocolate brown school sweater with logo (purchased exclusively from Land’s End) with khaki or dark slacks, and a tie or bow tie of their choosing. No slippers or flip-flops allowed.

Girls: White blouse with school logo, and either a khaki or chocolate brown v-neck or white cardigan sweater with school logo (purchased exclusively from Land’s End) with khaki or dark slacks, or a full-length skirt of their choosing (any color), no tie. (Khaki or black dress skirt from Lands' End also available.) No slippers or flip-flops allowed.

Dress Code Violations

Most violations can be avoided if parents and students familiarize themselves with the dress code expectations, and parents take an active role in making sure that students are attired correctly for school. A student who is out of dress code may be referred to the Dean’s Office for a change of clothing. Repeated violations of the dress code can only be viewed as a deliberate choice by the student, and the student will be assigned a restricted dress code for a period of time. Blatant disregard for the dress code will result in a student being sent home from school. Any student sent home for dress code will not be allowed to make up academic work. Penalties range from detention for minor infractions to suspension for repeated and flagrant violations.

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