Discipline Procedures and Actions

Disciplinary action for minor infractions may be handled by the teacher in the classroom. More serious violations and offenses are subject to action taken by the Dean’s Office and/or the Disciplinary Board.

Faculty and Staff Action

The following actions may be taken by any teacher or staff member:

  1. Warning: Students can be verbally corrected for any infraction of the school’s discipline code or asked to see the faculty member later that day.
  2. Written Penalty: A written punishment can be given to any student for a minor infraction and this punishment is to be turned in before class the next day. Failure to do a written penalty results in a referral.
  3. Discipline Referral: A referral to the Dean’s Office is a written statement by a teacher that a problem exists with a student. Teachers may send a student immediately to see the Dean or instruct the student to see the Dean at lunch or after school. Students removed from class must go directly to the Dean’s Office and wait there. Students who are to report to the Dean’s Office after school must do so within 10 minutes after school and are not to leave school before seeing the Dean. Failure to report directly to the Dean during the day or after school will be considered serious and can result in additional disciplinary penalties.

Dean's Office Actions

The following actions may be taken by the Dean’s Office:

Discipline Violation Notice

A written notification to the parents that the student has been involved in a violation of the Discipline Code, as well as the penalty for the violation. This slip is to be signed by a parent and returned by the end of munch the following school day. Violation notices require a detention, and any detention hour should be served on the day the violation is issued. Multiple hours of detention will be scheduled with the Dean’s Office.


Students may be issued detention for disciplinary infractions, violations or for being tardy. Students are expected to begin serving any detention hours on the day the detention is issued. Detention takes precedence over all personal, extracurricular or athletic commitments, with the exception of Saint Francis sponsored games and performances. Any exception to this policy must involve special circumstances, and be approved by the Dean’s Office in advance. Failure to report to detention may result in additional penalties, including suspension.

Saturday Detention

Saturday Detention may be issued by the Dean’s Office for violations of the discipline code, repeated violations of the same offense, for suspensions and for excessive tardiness. Students who receive a Saturday detention are expected to be on campus from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. under the supervision of the Dean or designee of the Dean’s Office. Any exception to this policy must be approved by the Dean’s Office in advance.

Extended Detention Hours

Students receiving multiple hours of detention are expected to complete their hours in an expedient manner. As a general rule, students with extended hours are required to complete the hours utilizing the after school detention and Saturday detention program, until all hours are completed.

Special Events Detention

On occasion, students with extended detention hours may be asked to serve these hours in conjunction with a special event on campus. Students scheduled for a special events detention will be notified in advance by the Dean’s Office.


Suspension is the temporary removal of a student from the school com- munity due to a serious discipline violation. The parents or guardian of a suspended student will be notified immediately. Any student who is suspended from school shall not be re-admitted until parent/student/ Dean contact has been made. Suspended students are the responsibility of the parents or guardian and are not to appear on campus or at any school-sponsored event during the suspension. In general, missed work in class due to the suspension cannot be made-up. A suspended student may also not participate in any school-sponsored event including games, performances, or any other activity, during the suspension. Serious offenses may result in multiple days suspension. Suspension from school will result in multiple detention hours or a Saturday detention. A formal warning  will usually be issued. 

Warning from the Dean

The Dean or the Discipline Board may issue a written warning to the parents and student when a student has been given a series of infraction notices or several discipline violation notices. The warning is issued when the Deans feel that the student’s conduct is becoming a problem. A parent/ student/Dean conference may be required for any student who receives a Warning from the Dean. If conduct does not improve, the Discipline Board will take further action. Any student who is suspended for any reason will be issued a Warning form the Dean.

Discipline Board Decisions

Warning from the Board

The Discipline Board issues a written warning to the parents that a student has been involved in repeated infractions and/or violations of the discipline system or that a student has been involved in a serious offense. A conference with the parents and student is required to discuss the problem. At the end of each subsequent grading period, the Discipline Board will review the student’s record, and if the conduct has not improved, the student will be placed on probation or may even be dismissed.

Disciplinary Probation

Probation is issued by the Dean’s Office and/or the Discipline Board for those students who have a significant amount of infractions and/or discipline violations or have not improved after previous warnings from the Dean and Discipline Board. Probation can also be issued for a student involved in a major discipline violation. Probation lasts for two semesters and becomes part of a student’s permanent record file. The Discipline Board removes probation after review at the end of the two-semester period. Parents will receive a written notification for a parent/student conference. Eligibility for activities or athletic events may be affected by disciplinary probation. The student may be required to seek professional, medical or psychological help as a condition of probation. Should a student on probation be involved in a series of minor offenses or involved in a major offense, the student may be dismissed from Saint Francis.

Appearance Before the Discipline Board

At the end of each grading period, the Discipline Board meets to review student behavior. Any student on probation involved in continued offenses or any student who is involved in a serious incident may be called to appear before the Discipline Board.


A student on disciplinary probation may be dismissed from Saint Francis at the end of a semester or during the school year if they violate their probation by a series of minor offenses or a single major offense. Any student who incurs a substance abuse violation while on probation will be dismissed from school. Students dismissed from Saint Francis High School are not eligible for readmission nor are they permitted to attend dances as guests of Saint Francis students.

Immediate Expulsion

In exceptional cases, immediate expulsion may be necessary for students involved in a single major offense that is determined by the school as completely inappropriate for a Saint Francis student either on or off campus. Students expelled from Saint Francis High School are not eligible for readmission allowed to attend school dances as guests.. Disciplinary violations including, but not limited to those listed below may lead to dismissal from Saint Francis High School:

  • Any serious offense including gross disrespect, vandalism, theft, harassment or intolerant behavior
  • Any behavior that initiates police investigation or action
  • Gang-related conduct
  • Possession of weapons or illegal/dangerous items
  • Sale or distribution of an illegal substance
  • A second Substance Abuse Policy violation while on Disciplinary Probation
  • Threats to harm the community
  • Serious vandalism to the school or the school computer network


As written in our mission and philosophy statements, our primary goal is to provide a value-based education for each student enrolled at Saint Francis High School. We also recognize, however, that there are sometimes occasions when a student’s conduct and/or academic performance falls below the expected standards of the school. Therefore, the school reserves the right to disqualify from further attendance, any student who fails to meet the academic and/or disciplinary conditions set forth in this handbook.

Reporting to Colleges

Saint Francis High School reserves the right to report any serious academic or disciplinary violations which result in suspension, probation or dismissal to matriculating schools, including high schools, colleges and universities. Saint Francis will report any illegal behavior, repeated serious disciplinary violations or any offense that could cause harm to a school community on the Secondary School Report and the Midyear Report for colleges. Any serious offense during senior year that results in suspension or probation will also be reported to colleges.
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