Technology: Acceptable Use Policy

The Saint Francis High School Acceptable Use Policy applies to all technology resources including, but not limited to: personal laptop computers, iPads, school computers, cell phones, video and audio equipment, web services, copy machines and information storage devices. Saint Francis High School students are expected to use technology resources in a considerate, ethical, moral and legal manner.

All Saint Francis High School technology systems including services provided by third-party companies we contract with, and information stored on them are governed by school policies and are subject to school supervision and inspection whether they reside on school owned computers, systems managed by third-party service providers, or personal devices brought on campus by students. Saint Francis High School reserves the right to monitor, access, retrieve, read and disclose all messages, information, and files created, sent, posted from, stored on personal devices brought onto campus, or stored on its systems to law enforcement officials or others without prior notice. Any student who violates this policy or any applicable local, state or federal laws, is subject to disciplinary action, a loss of technology privileges, and may face legal prosecution.

Electronic Devices

The privacy of all students and employees is protected during the school day. All personal devices shall be kept out of sight and turned off at all times from the time a student walks onto campus until 2:30. Personal items that can take and/or transmit electronic data or images including digital cameras, cell phones, computing devices and video cameras cannot be used to take or transmit data or images at any time during the school day. Students are not to wear watches with Bluetooth capabilities to school. The school reserves the right to confiscate and review information on any electronic device from students who violate this rule, and students will receive a disciplinary violation. If a student receives a second electronic device violation, the device will remain in the Dean’s Office for one or more days until the Deans agree on a date to release the device to a parent.

Acceptable Use on SFNet and General Computer and iPad Use

Saint Francis High School provides computer network access (SFNet) to students who use the access in accordance with the mission and philosophy of Saint Francis High School. Students agree to the following terms as a condition of having network access and general Internet use:

  1. Appropriate Use: Student use of the Saint Francis computer network (SFNet) must be consistent with the philosophy of Saint Francis High School and its educational goals. Misuse includes any Internet conduct on or off-campus, with or without network access, that negatively affects the reputation of Saint Francis High School including messages sent, posted or received that suggest harassment, racism, sexism and inappropriate language or symbols.
  2. Vandalism/Hacking: Students will not use their Saint Francis access or other Internet access to interfere with or disrupt network users, services, Saint Francis High School data or data of another student, or equipment, either locally or off campus.
  3. Unauthorized Entry: Students will not access or try to make un-authorized entry to any machine accessible via the network or on remote networks. If a student notices a security problem, the student must notify school personnel immediately.
  4. Inappropriate Messages: Students will not use their Saint Francis access to transmit threatening, obscene or harassing materials, including chain-letters, solicitations, inappropriate photos, or broadcast messages via our network or email system.
  5. Inappropriate Material: The Internet contains certain material that is illegal, defamatory, inaccurate or potentially offensive to some people. Students will not use their Saint Francis access to knowingly visit sites that contain this material nor import, transmit and/or transfer any of this material to other computers or the school iPad. (See Student iPad Agreement.)
  6. School Personnel: Students should not take, send, share or post to websites or blogs, images, photos, comments or video of employees of Saint Francis High School from any device. This includes the creation of fan pages or groups on social networking sites.
  7. Private Use: Students will not provide their Saint Francis access or password or share another student’s password with any other student or non-student. Students may not use another individual’s account or log onto the Internet as anyone else.
  8. Personal Privacy: Students will not communicate their address, phone number or other personal information to any person or company on the Internet or through email.
  9. Unauthorized Programs or Computers: Students may not use, copy, delete, or install any program on a school computer or save any executable program without the permission of school personnel. Students may not use personal laptops in the classroom with two exceptions; Students who have been granted accommodations by Saint Francis High School and students who are enrolled in Programming and AP Programming courses while in those classes. Personal laptops may be used after school on campus, the same as use of cell phones on campus.
  10. Copyright: Students are not to post to websites or blogs any photos or logos that are the property (intellectual property) of Saint Francis High School
  11. Any unauthorized technology used for the purpose of bypassing security systems, including internet filtering is not permitted. This included the use of ssh, proxy-bypass software, remote desktop sessions, anonymizing websites/software and other technologies.

Any costs, charges, liabilities or damage by misuse of the computers are the individual student's responsibility. Any consequences of service interruption or privacy violation including use of an employee's password or impersonation of a school employee online, will lead to disciplinary action. Such action can include suspension and/or expulsion from Saint Francis High School, and may face legal prosecution.

Regarding Educational Apps and Web Services

Saint Francis High School subscribes to numerous technology services as part of its approach to providing high quality services for both curricular and extracurricular programs. Each app, application, web service, and vendor undergoes a rigorous vetting process prior to adoption. Saint Francis has done its best to ensure that the personal data your student provides will remain safe. The vast majority of such service providers and apps either require no personal information or simply the student's sfhs-provided email address to be used during the login process and/or account creation. Contact Technology Services Department at with specific questions.

Any costs, charges, liabilities or damage by misuse of the computers are the individual student’s responsibility. Any consequences of service interruption or privacy violation including use of an employee’s password, will lead to disciplinary action. Such action can include suspension and/or expulsion from Saint Francis High School, and may face legal prosecution.

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