Debit Lunch Account Program FAQ

General Information

Why does Saint Francis use the lunch account program?

The lunch account program provides students with a convenient and secure way to make their food purchases on campus. The account program is safer than carrying cash, reduces the time students spend in lines and provides parents the opportunity to monitor and control student spending/eating habits.

Who manages the lunch account program?

Epicurean, the school’s food service provider, oversees the lunch account program. Epicurean uses Cafe Enterprise, its point-of-sale software to track food purchases. Every student will have access to a Cafe Enterprise account.

How much does it cost to participate in the lunch account program?

The program costs $10 per enrolled student annually. This $10 enrollment fee will be deducted no later than Labor Day weekend annually from all active accounts.

Using the Debit Lunch Account

Where on campus can my student use the account

The lunch accounts can be used at the Lancer Cafe, Sobrato Family Learning Center before school and afterschool and at the Burns Concessions Stand and the Field Concessions stand.  At this time, these funds are only available for food purchases on campus.

How will my student authorize purchases?

The last five digits of your student’s Saint Francis Student ID number will be his or her PIN. Students will enter their PIN every time they want to use their account to make a purchase. As an added security measure, the cashier’s screen will display a picture of the student associated with the PIN entered. Only the student may use their account.  Siblings, friends or even parents may NOT use a student’s account. There are no exceptions.

Can my student purchase lunch for another student with their lunch account program?

Yes. The charges will be deducted from your child’s account and will be identified by a “Meal for a Friend” notation in the account activity.  However the student whose account is being charged MUST be present and must authorize the purchase. Also if our cashiers become aware that a purchase or part of a purchase is being made for another student, they will select the “Meal for a Friend” button. There are no additional charges.

What happens when a student attempts to use another student’s PIN to make a purchase?

When a student enters his or her PIN, the student’s photo appears on the cashier’s screen to verify that the PIN belongs to that student. If the student enters a PIN associated with a different student he or she will be asked to re-enter the PIN. If the newly entered PIN continues to link to a different student, the cashier will refer the student to the lunch prefect on duty. For new and freshman students we ask that they have their student ID out and with them until school photos have been uploaded and they have memorized their number.

May I place a daily spending limit on my student’s account?

No, a daily spending limit may not be set by a parent/guardian. You may set low balance reminders online at

Can I monitor my student’s cafeteria purchases?

Yes, parents/guardians may review their student’s purchases at There is no additional cost for this online feature. After logging into your parent account, you will be able to review up to 90 days of your student’s transaction history.  This service can be used even if you never make payments using MySchoolBucks. We highly encourage all parents/guardians or whoever is monitoring the student account to use up this feature so that they can make sure there are no issues with a student's account.

What happens if the account has a zero balance? Can my student still receive lunch?

No. If a student attempts to use their account when there and there are not enough funds for the purchase the student will be asked to pay cash or return the items. If they have any questions or problems they can ask to speak to the Food Service Director or a Manager.

Parents/guardians and students are responsible for maintaining a positive account balance.

What happens if there is an unused balance on the account at the end of the year?

The balance of returning students will “roll forward” for the next year. If a student graduates and has a remaining sibling, the funds will be automatically transferred to the sibling’s account. Students who have graduated or no longer attend may request a refund by sending an email to Please include the complete address the refund should be mailed to, whom the check should be made payable to and the student’s name and ID #. Refunds take 3-4 weeks to process. Any balance left after one year from graduation or drop date will be donated to the school financial aid program.

Once I register my student for the program, will I need to re-enroll in the program next year?

Yes. Please make sure that the balance in your student’s account is more than $10 before the first weekend in September each year, which is when the annual fee will be charged. Any account that has less than $10 when the fees are processed will be deactivated. To reactivate, contact the Lancer Cafe 650 968-1213, ext. 262 or make a check payment, payable to Epicurean Group. The $10 fee will be deducted from the first payment made.

Making Payments

When and how can I begin putting funds in the lunch account?

Beginning August 1, there are two ways to put funds in your child’s account.

1. If paying by credit card: You can go to to make credit card deposits. There is a $2.50 handling fee per transaction and a deposit maximum of $200 per transaction. Only credit cards can be used to add funds on MySchoolBucks.

When setting up your account in MySchoolBucks, please make sure that you select SAINT FRANCIS HIGH SCHOOL - MOUNTAIN VIEW as your “district.” If you do not select the right school, you will not find your child listed when you create your account. If you have students at multiple schools that use MySchoolBucks, you can have several districts.

Note: MySchoolBucks is a third-party group and is not managed by Epicurean. If you have questions related to your MySchoolBucks account, please call them at 855.832.5226.

2. If paying by check: Use the check deposit form for the first payment and write your child’s name and ID # on the memo line of all checks. Please make sure your checks are made payable to Epicurean Group. Checks can be mailed to or dropped off in the Business Office during normal school hours. Checks received before 9:30 a.m. will be posted the same school day. There are no additional fees for individual check payments.

Additional Information about MySchoolBucks

Personal information is being requested. How will it be used? It is secure?

When using the website to transfer funds or request information, you will be asked to provide certain personal information. The website is PCI-Compliant and offers 128-bit SSL encryption, which secures your personal and credit card information as it is transferred over the internet.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. The information provided will be used exclusively to support the lunch account program. All information gathered for the use of opening and maintaining your student’s account is kept confidential and is not shared, sold or given to any third-party company for any reason.

Other Forms of Payment on Campus

Will the cafeteria continue to accept cash payments?

While every family is encouraged to sign-up for the lunch account program, Lancer Cafe will continue to accept cash.





Lancer Cafe Questions: Contact Winston Wint at 650 968-1213, ext. 262 or 

Lunch Account Questions: Contact MySchoolBucks Support 855.832.5226 

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