School Leadership

Institutional Administration

Interm President, Chaplain
Father Tony Mancuso

Executive Director of Institutional Advancement
Mrs. Holly Elkins '93

Alumni Director
Mr. Greg Calcagno '83

Director of Endowment and Financial Aid Programs
Mr. Mike Speckman

Director of Finance
Mr. Myron Nessan

Director of Planning and Facilities
Mr. Tim Houlihan

Director of Technology
Mr. Larry Steinke

Operational Administration

Mrs. Patricia I. Tennant

Director of Campus Ministry 
Father Steve Kim

Dean of Faculty
Ms. Meighan Friedsam '97

Dean of Students 
Ms. Margaret Miller

Director of Academics
Mrs. Maggi Knochenhauer

Director of Activities
Mr. Todd Meulman

Director of Admissions
Mr. Simon Raines

Director of Athletics
Mr. Michael Pilawski

Director of Guidance and College Counseling
Mr. Hector Camacho

Board of Directors

The Saint Francis High School Board of Directors assures the mission and philosophy of the school.  The board develops policies that are consistent with Catholic teachings in the tradition of Holy Cross. The board ensures that the school is managed effectively, legally, ethically and efficiently, while developing policies that are mission based and visionary.

Board members are committed leaders who are dedicated and supportive of the school’s programs and policies. They understand that Catholic, value-based education helps form the hearts of students, enabling them to be successful members of society.

Mr. Michael Reedy, chair
Father Tony Mancuso
Mr. Mark Adams
Mrs. Helen Benedetti
Br. Donald Blauvelt, C.S.C.
Mr. Joe Cassin
Mr. Bob Franceschini
Mrs. Chris Gomo
Mrs. Maureen Hamer
Mr. Rob Jensen
Mrs. Maria Jones
Ms. Dorothy J. McCrea
Mrs. Marjorie Muldowney
Mrs. Stacy Reitmeir
Mr. Bill Ring
Dr. Tara Rolle
Mrs. April Sakara-Gilley
Mrs. Vidhu Sharma
Mr. Cass Taylor
Mrs. Patricia Tennant
Br. Michael Winslow, C.S.C.

Advisory Boards

Growth Fund Advisory Board

In 1990, former President Kevin Makley, then serving as Saint Francis’ director of development, was faced with limited resources with which to meet the demands of a growing school. He was reluctant to rely solely on tuition increases to fulfill these needs, and recognizing this position, two parents and longtime SFHS supporters, venture capitalists BJ Cassin and Sam Colella, approached Kevin with an idea to leverage the school’s unique Silicon Valley location to raise additional money for the school. Soon after, Kevin worked with BJ, Sam and additional key parents to create a venture fund--the SF Growth Fund--as a way to generate additional revenue for the school. The founding members personally provided the initial seed money, and subsequent gifts to the fund have come from individual donors.

The purpose of the SF Growth Fund is to provide an alternative method for donors to contribute assets to SFHS and to invest in venture capital-backed companies and manage such investments, thus helping to satisfy the long-term needs of the school. During the course of its history, the SF Growth Fund has benefited from several investments that have yielded positive returns. One notable early success story, which occurred in 1996, was a $2.1 million return on a $25,000 investment in a company called Advanced Fiber. The SF Growth Fund is separate from the school’s primary endowment, and the returns are not used to offset the school’s annual operating expenses.

Mr. B.J. Cassin, Chair Emeritus
Mr. Barry Eggers, Chair
Father Tony Mancuso
Mr. Mark Colella
Mr. Samuel Colella, Vice Chair
Mr. Ronny Conway
Ms. Holly Elkins
Mr. Carl Eschenbach

Ms. Georganne Perkins
Mr. Patrick Pohlen
Ms. Colleen Pouliot
Mr. Greg Vaughan
Mr. Robert Ward
Mr. Robert Wayman
Mr. Myron Nessan, ex-officio


SF EDGE Fund Advisory Board

The purpose of the SF EDGE Fund is to obtain resources and to provide management for a specific sub-fund of the Saint Francis High School Endowment. The Advisory Board is responsible for the overall management of the SF EDGE Fund, and has the sole discretion of determining the amount and distribution of any annual returns, subject to the bylaws and guidelines of the Fund. Returns from this sub-fund endowment shall be distributed as discretionary bonuses to the employees of Saint Francis Highs School, in accordance with the bylaws and guidelines of the Fund. Professional management of the SF EDGE Fund is overseen by the Advisory Board. The fund manager is directed to include various investment strategies which they deem necessary to maximize returns.

Mr. B.J. Cassin, Chair Emeritus
Mr. Barry Eggers, Chair
Father Tony Mancuso
Mr. Mark Colella
Mr. Samuel Colella, Vice Chair
Mr. Ronny Conway
Ms. Holly Elkins
Mr. Carl Eschenbach

Ms. Georganne Perkins
Mr. Patrick Pohlen
Ms. Colleen Pouliot
Mr. Greg Vaughan
Mr. Robert Ward
Mr. Robert Wayman
Mr. Myron Nessan, ex-officio

Endowment Management Committee

The Endowment Management Committee is responsible to approve the Asset Allocation Policy and recommendations of the Investment Advisor, and to monitor the performance of the Endowment of Saint Francis High School. Based on certain criteria, the committee will review, and if needed replace, Investment Managers or mutual funds that do not meet established guidelines.

Rob Dean, Chair
Jason Bogardus
Father Tony Mancuso
Tom Cortopassi
Mike Gilley

Steve Gomo
Betsy McKiernan
Myron Nessan
Mike Speckman
Gregory Vaughan

Endowment Fundraising Committee

The objective of the Endowment Fundraising Committee is to raise money for the school’s endowment which funds financial aid. The endowment funds are professionally managed, and growth is tracked. Only income generated from the endowed principal is used. As the principal grows, the amount of income generated for financial aid grows as well.

Bob Franceschini, Jr. '75 Chair
Tom Quaglia ’75, Vice Chair
Steve Andrighetto
Dick Budelli ‘70
Greg Calcagno ‘83
Lou Cerros ‘74
Father Tony Mancuso
Tom Connelly
Holly Elkins ‘93
Pasquale Giannotta, Sr. ‘72
Linda Graham

Jim Hager ‘72
Pepe Hinojosa ‘74
Helen Marchese Owen
Tony Mirenda ‘78
Myron Nessan
Dave Obenour ‘60
John Ottoboni
John Poch
Ken Rodrigues
Mary Rouleau ‘74
Mike Speckman

Alumni Council

The Saint Francis/Holy Cross High School Alumni Council’s role is to create opportunities for Alumni to have fun, make friends, and help raise funds for the Alumni Class Endowed Scholarship Program as well as to promote the interests of Saint Francis High School and its mission.

Dave Obenour ’60
Harry Reichstein ’60
Anne Jensen ’69 (HC) 
Pepe Hinojosa ’74
Mike Lommatzsch ’76
Bill Beasley ’82
Greg Calcagno ’83
Michele Rossi Quinn ’83
Steve Schott ’83
Aurea Densing DeFranco ’84
Katie Krackeler Marron ’84
Kelly Walsh ’84
Ed Geise ’87
Mike Marinchak ’88
Kevin Prahm ’88
Dena Chesler Grimm ’89
Joe Verceles ’90

Mike King Jr. ’91
Jen Oswald Tibbils ’93
Mark Azad ’95
Ryan Headley ’95
Rosie Bybee Shee ’95
Jenny Mickwee Reynolds ’96
Tori Burns Humphrey ’97
Rob Mibach ’97
Annie Podesta ’98
Chase Lyman ’00
Mark Kolich ’01
Mario Gosalvez ’01
Chris Reese ’05
Adam Budelli ’06
Jake Harris ’07
Katy Skeeters ’07
Clay Jones ’11

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