Ministry & Service

Campus Ministry is a vital component of the Saint Francis program, fostering spiritual growth in all of our students. Retreats, school-wide liturgies, service projects, Wednesday morning prayer meetings and immersion trips allow students to put their faith into action, celebrate their beliefs and become community stewards. In addition to developing a broader understanding of their world, Campus Ministry programs give students context for their faith development and inspiration to do more in life.


Inspiration is found all around us. In the tradition of Holy Cross, Saint Francis welcomes students of all faiths and backgrounds. All students are invited to participate in Campus Ministry’s programs. We are proud to be a community that respects and celebrates religious diversity.

The entire Saint Francis community comes together once a month to celebrate Eucharistic liturgies and prayer services. In addition, all students are invited to attend morning collaboration liturgies, which are more intimate services intended to provide students with a personal time for prayer and reflection. Students also have opportunities to participate in the sacraments of Reconciliation and Confirmation.


Spiritual development is an integral part of the Holy Cross experience. Our retreat programs give students an opportunity to step away from everyday routines of school and understand the importance of reflection and prayer.

• Freshman Welcome Day Retreat

• Freshman Service Learning Day

• Sophomore Service Learning Day

• Junior Overnight Retreat

• Senior Holy Cross Two-Night Retreat


Service is a cornerstone of our Holy Cross Service Program and is a graduation requirement that encourages the development of each student’s social conscience. Our program places students in direct contact with various populations of people in need. Students become empowered to bring hope to others and grow from experiences of working with children, people with disabilities, the elderly and the economically poor.

The fact that most students exceed the required minimum 50 hours of service in the four-year program underscores its success. Annually, our students contribute nearly 40,000 hours of community service.

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