Lunch Options

Lunch Options

Middle School & Freshman Experience Options

Pre-paid Lunch Service (12 pm - 12:20 pm)

Lunch information will be updated in early 2022.

All meals include a vegetarian option. Alternatively, you are welcome to pack a lunch for your child, if you prefer.

Available to Middle School and Freshman Experience students only.

2021 Summer Lunch Menu

Youth Sports & Activities Camp Options


At no additional charge, lunch is provided each day for the entire camp. Alternatively, you are welcome to pack a lunch for your child, if you prefer. Each day includes a vegetarian option.

2021 Summer Lunch Menu

Food Options for High School

Food Options will be updated in early 2022

This means that students will need to bring their own drinks and snacks.




To protect the safety of all of our students, the following items (or items like them) should not be brought to school; packs of nuts, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, fruit and cereal bars that contain nuts, chocolate bars or sweets that contain nuts, sesame seed rolls, cupcakes or baked goods made with nuts.   All of the meals served by our summer programs meet the requirements of our "nut-free" policy.

Nut Free Policy

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