Trigonometry & Geometry Advancement for Saint Francis Students

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Trigonometry and Geometry are open to rising 10th-11th graders from Saint Francis High School

Registration for Geometry & Trigonometry Summer 2024 will open April  11 at 11am. 

High School FAQ


Students who meet certain Math Department requirements (see below) are eligible to take Geometry or Trigonometry for the purposes of advancement. We offer summer Geometry for SFHS students currently in Algebra 1 and Trigonometry for SFHS students currently in Algebra 2. 

Registration for Geometry and Trigonometry opens after spring break, in April. Eligible students and their guardians will be notified by the Summer High School Principal via Havalo email about the course opening for enrollment. Students need to update their information and pay with Regpack. Use the registration button below once you are notified that the course has been made public for purchase. Ample seats are set aside for Saint Francis students. 

Registration Details

Term 1: Tuesday June 11 - Friday, June 28 (June 19 Holiday)
Term 2: Monday, July 1 - Thursday, July 18 (July 4 Holiday)  
Daily Schedule: 8:15am - 12:30pm (including day of Final Exam)
$700 per Term (SFHS-only Geometry and Trigonometry)

A student can take one semester class each Term.

The Summer Geometry course follows the scope and sequence of the full year Geometry course at Saint Francis High School. When taking Geometry to  “jump” , a student needs to enroll in Term 1 and Term 2. When registering, check dates and times carefully to ensure that you can be available for all days including the final exam on the last day. 

Trigonometry is a one semester course and students need only enroll in a single term. 

Tuition Assistance

Students who receive tuition assistance through Saint Francis High School during the school year will have that aid matched for any summer courses taken for credit or enrichment. When you are registering, add the items you wish to purchase to your cart and and go to make payment. You will be prompted to apply your tuition assistance at that time. Your order will be discounted 100% at the time of purchase and you will be charged for the remainder later.

What if the course is full? 

Option Number 1: Register for the Waitlist. You proceed just as if you were purchasing the class. There is no charge for enrolling on the waitlist.

Option Number 2: Complete the course online with Imagine Learning or in person at another school. Not all outside schools cover the material that our Math Department requires. You need to research an alternative that is UC/CSU approved and has an in person proctored final. You must get approvel from the Math Department Chair to be eligible for credit. Transcripts are due to the Academics Office no later than August 1.

Trigonometry Eligibility Requirements 
  • Students must be currently enrolled at Saint Francis High School.
  • Students must have received a solid "A" in Algebra 2 first semester.
  • Students are required to maintain a solid "A" in Algebra 2 through second semester.
  • Grades will be verified at the end of semester to ensure that you finish the second semester with the letter mark "A" to meet this requirement.
  • If you don't not finish the spring semester of Algebra 2 with a solid "A", you will be removed from the Trigonometry summer course and refunded the price of the class, minus the nonrefundable deposit of 10%.
  • If you didn't get an A in the 1st semester and hope to take Summer Trigonometry, you should have submitted an Appeal form to the Math Department chair.
Prerequisites for AP Precalculus and Physics Honors in Summer Trigonometry
  • Students should attend all of the class sessions. There is one unexcused absence allowed.
  • Students are required to be present for the final exam on the last day of the Term.

  • For online Trigonometry, students are required to attend an in person proctored final on the final date of the course and get at least a 60% on the final exam.

  • We recommend students with an A or A- to advance to AP Precalculus.

  • We recommend students with a B or higher to advance to Physics Honors.

  • Students who earn a B+ can also take the class, but should be aware that Students who scored a B+ last summer piloted PreCalc Honors in 2023-24. Going into the  semester final, the B+ summer students had a B- average in the PCH class with grades ranging from B+ to C-.

  • Students who earn a B+ in the summer class should give a lot of thought to how much time and effort they can put into AP Precalculus during the school year.

Geometry Eligibility Requirements
  • Students must be currently enrolled at Saint Francis High School.
  • Students with a grade of B or higher are most likely to be successful keeping up with the rigorous summer Geometry pacing.
  • The Math Department strongly recommends that students with a grade lower than a B take a full year of Geometry during the school year, rather than summer Geometry.
  • Students are required to have received a  C or better in Algebra 1 or Algebra 1-Honors.
  • Students are required to have received a C or better in Biology or Biology Honors.
  • There will not be time for algebra skill review. Students will be responsible for knowing the required algebra skills to be successful. 


Prerequisites for Algebra 2 and Chemistry in Summer Geometry
  • Students must enroll in Term 1 and Term 2 in order to advance.  Because this is a full-year course, both semesters of the course are required. 
  • Students are required to be present for the final exam on the last day of the Term.

  • Online Geometry is not an option for Saint Francis students.

  • We recommend students with a C- or above advance to Algebra 2 and Chemistry.

  • There is a "no retake" policy for tests and quizzes administered throughout the course.

  • Students who pass the course will be placed in Algebra 2 for the upcoming school year.

  • There is no avenue to qualify for Advanced Algebra 2 / Trig Honors through the summer Geometry program.

  • Students who score a D+ or lower will be placed in Geometry the upcoming school year.


Online Trigonometry Option
  • SFHS students may choose to take the Summer Trigonometry course in person at Saint Francis or online with Imagine Learning Edgenuity. Other online providers need to be approved by the Math Department Chair.

  • Students are required to take a proctored final for both in person and online Trigonometry.

  • Students may not switch from in person to online once the course starts.

  • Students may take Trigonometry in one term or the other, but not both.

  • If a student doesn't get a B+ in the course, they can choose to switch to enrichment and thus omit the grade from their Saint Francis transcript.

  • If you find an in person course outside of Summer at Saint Francis, the syllabus needs to be approved by the Math Department Chair by June 1. The course also needs to be UC/CSU approved.

In Person Geometry Requirement
  • Geometry needs to be taken in person, at SFHS or at another Geometry that has a UC/CSU approved summer course. 
  • In person courses at another school need to be approved by the Math Department Chair.
  • This course operates on an accelerated timeline, as compared to a full-year course. 
  • Students have been more successful in learning and retaining Geometry material when taking the course in person because of the sychronicity and the expert educator in the room.
  • If a student has a travel conflict, there is an appeal process. Please reach out to our Summer at Saint Francis email listed here.
  • Students are required to take a proctored final for both in person and online Geometry.
  • For rising 9th graders, you will only receive a Summer at Saint Francis transcript. This will not apply to the 4-year high school transcript. 
  • If you are a rising 9th grader or intend to take this course online, you need a written recommendation from your current math teacher. Send this to our Summer at Saint Francis email.
  • For online Geometry, students are required to attend an in person proctored final on the final date of the course and get at least a 60% on the final exam.
  • If taking the online option (with math teacher recommendation), you should take this with Imagine Learning/Edgenuity through Summer at Saint Francis. Other online providers need to be approved by the Math Department Chair.

Summer Trigonometry FAQ

Lunch Menu Schedule

Lunch is available at each session for an additional charge.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

  • A non-refundable deposit of 10% on all transactions will be held as a processing fee, including in the case of refund requests made less than 24-hours after registration.
  • A 20% fee (10% deposit + 10% fee) will be deducted from all refunds requested more than 24-hours after purchase.
  • The last day to withdraw from all programs is May 31, 2024. After this date, refunds will not be provided.
  • Refund requests must be submitted via online form.
  • Non-Saint Francis students MAY NOT be registered in "Saint Francis Only" classes and these registrations are VOID. Although refunds will be processed for these registrations, the standard 20% withdrawal fee will be incurred.

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