Trigonometry & Geometry Advancement

Welcome. This pages contains information about Summer Trigonometry and Geometry Advancement requirements and options for Saint Francis students.

Only students who meet the Math Department's requirements are eligible to take coursework for the purposes of advancement.  Currently we offer Geometry for rising Sophomores and Trigonometry for rising Juniors. Registration for Geometry opens in March. Registration for Trigonometry will begin in April.  Both parents and students will be notified via email about the courses opening for enrollment and a large number of seats are set aside for SFHS students.

  • Please scroll down to find information about Geometry.
  • If you have any questions, please reach out to us at summer@sfhs.com.

Trigonometry Advancement

Families will be notified when this course is open for registration.  This generally occurs after the 12 Week grading period ends.

This course is only open to Saint Francis students who meet the requirements below.


Each year, approximately 80 students make the initial cut (minimum A-/B+ Semester 2 grade at the 12 weeks) in Algebra 2 to qualify for the summer Trigonometry class. However, we have the capacity on the Saint Francis campus to open only 2 classes of approx. 28 students each in the first term, and 1 class of 28 students in the second term. Therefore, the class sells out. However, not all of these students make the prerequisite solid "A" at the end of Semester 2. Those that do not meet the prerequisite grade are removed. On any given year, it is impossible to predict how many students will not be admitted to the class. Therefore, we also provide 2 options for your student to still advance through Trigonometry in the summer to advance to Precalculus Honors.

Students may enroll in either Semester 1 or Semester 2 but should not enroll in both Terms.

Summer 2023 Dates
  • Semester 1 — Tuesday June 13 - Friday June 30 (Juneteenth Holiday June 19)
  • Semester 2 — Monday July 3  - Thursday July 20 (July 4th Holiday)

Class Times: 8:15 am - 12:30 pm.

What can I do if the class is full?

Option Number 1: Register for the Waitlist: Once both terms are filled, we will open a waitlist.  You proceed just as if you were purchasing the class. There is no charge for enrolling on the wairlist.

Option Number 2: Complete the course at another institution

Not all outside institutions cover the material that our math department requires. Therefore, we have developed the below list of pre-approved schools and programs that offer a class (in person and online). Note that if none of these options work for you, you are more than welcome to research an alternative. You must submit the course description with an explicit list of topics covered to Evan Pasion (Math Department Head) to earn credit; doing so before you enroll is strongly encouraged.

Off Campus Options

The following programs are approved for off-campus advancement in Trigonometry.  

Transferring Credit: All of these options will require a transcript or evidence of final grade to be submitted to the Saint Francis Academics Office by August 1st (which will be extended for the De Anza course, though proof of strong progress up until that point would still be very helpful). All students taking these courses must still earn a flat "A" in that course to advance to Precalculus H.

Summer Geometry Advancement (SFHS Students)

Eligibility and Recommendations

Prerequisites: Students must be freshmen at Saint Francis High School who have completed Algebra 1 or Algebra 1-Honors with a grade of C or better. Students must also have completed Biology or Biology Honors with a grade of C or better. The math department strongly recommends that students with a C, C+, or B- are better served with a full year of Geometry, rather than summer Geometry. Only students with a grade of B or better are fully prepared to be successful keeping up with the rigorous Summer Geometry pacing.

Algebra Review: The Summer Geometry course follows the scope and sequence of the full year Geometry course at Saint Francis High School. However, there will be no time for algebra skill review. Students will be responsible for knowing the required algebra skills to be successful.


Students MUST enroll in both semesters in order to advance.   Geometry needs to be taken in person, at SFHS or at another school that has a UC approved summer course.  Any appeals should be directed to rachelsafier@sfhs.com.

Summer 2023 Dates

  • Semester 1 — Tuesday June 13 - Friday June 30 (Juneteenth Holiday June 19)
  • Semester 2 — Monday July 3  - Thursday July 20 (July 4th Holiday)


This course is only open to Saint Francis students who meet the requirements above.

Please note:  Geometry will not be offered as an online course for SFHS students seeking to advance.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

  • A non-refundable deposit of 10% on all transactions will be held as a processing fee, including in the case of refund requests made less than 24 hours after registration.
  • A 20% fee (10% deposit + 10% fee) will be deducted from all refunds requested more than 24 hours after purchase.
  • The last day to withdraw from all programs is June 1. After this date, refunds will not be provided.
  • Refund requests must be submitted via online form — no exceptions will be made to this policy.
  • Non-Saint Francis students MAY NOT be registered in "Saint Francis Only" classes and these registrations are VOID. Although refunds will be processed for these registrations, the standard 20% withdrawal fee will be incurred.

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