Barry Eggers & Family

2017 Holy Cross Heritage Award Honorees

Barry, Meredith, Andrew ’12 and Natalie ’14 Eggers

As Holy Cross Heritage Award recipients, the Eggers family exemplifies what makes the Saint Francis community so special. When faced with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the Eggers considered with foresight and generosity the impact it would have on our school for generations to come.

In early 2012, Saint Francis parent Barry Eggers, a founding partner of Lightspeed Venture Partners, was intrigued as his two children, Andrew ’12 and Natalie ’14, returned home from school one afternoon enthralled by a new social media app called Snapchat. After some research and due diligence, Barry made the decision to invest in the fledgling company (operating out of a Stanford dorm room at that time), and in a stroke of remarkable generosity he invited Saint Francis High School to join him.

As a board member of the SF Growth Fund, an investment fund created in 1990 by parents and former president Kevin Makley to support the school’s long-term vision by investing in Silicon Valley start-ups, Barry pitched the idea to the board and they agreed. In 2012, Snap Inc. received its first seed round funding from Lightspeed Ventures ($485,000) and Saint Francis High School ($15,000) in 2012.

In the months leading up to the announcement of the school’s return on investment, Saint Francis administrators were asking themselves how to best make use of $32 million. Barry reminded and reassured the Saint Francis administration and board the returns, while unprecedented, should not change the school’s core values. The decision was made to invest the earnings in the Saint Francis Financial Aid program, increasing the minimum income limit to $200,000 and helping both lower and middle income families attend Saint Francis.

Saint Francis is blessed to have parents like Barry and Meredith Eggers who so passionately and generously share their gifts with the school, be it time, creativity, expertise or philanthropy.

Today, Barry humbly continues to lead the Saint Francis Growth Fund and also serves as chair of the advisory committee for the Saint Francis EDGE Fund, an endowment fund created to provide annual bonuses for the employees of Saint Francis. Barry is genuine in his heartfelt desire to take care of the teachers and staff of Saint Francis. Through his leadership and the committee’s work, the school provides highly competitive compensation packages, necessary to attract, support and retain the best teachers in Silicon Valley.

While the Snap story is one of the biggest moments in our school’s history, Barry and Meredith have a long legacy of philanthropy; and Andrew and Natalie say their parents have always imparted on them the importance of giving back. Of her father, Natalie says, “I’m so excited that due to his actions, Saint Francis will be able to do something amazing. I hope that one day, I can be as generous as my dad and be able to make an impact in my community.”

Past Holy Cross Heritage Award Recipients

The Holy Cross Heritage Award is the highest honor given at Saint Francis High School. The award honors distinguished benefactors who are passionate about our rich Catholic, Holy Cross traditions and involved leaders in our community.

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  • Barry Eggers & Family


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