Guidance & Counseling

The Saint Francis Guidance and College Counseling Center provides more than a guidance service for choosing a college; it is an educational program designed to assist students in identifying their aspirations for the future. We strive to help each student develop his or her academic strengths and preferences. 

Freshman counselors will focus on supporting our newest Lancers in the adjustment to High School, provide Academic and Personal counseling and ensure every  student experiences a smooth transition in this important year. Topics including making connections, time management and an introduction to Counseling Services will be explored in a small group setting, and Freshman counselors are available to any student for an individual counseling appointment. Freshman counselors will also meet individually with students to discuss academic planning for the Sophomore year, and provide support on student wellness, a priority in our work as Counselors.

Students will then transition to a Guidance and College Counselor who they will work with through the senior year. Through a variety of classroom presentations, group meetings, and individual guidance, students are assisted in selecting a college that matches their academic goals. The primary role of guidance and college counselors is to advocate for students and to provide support for their academic, college, and social-emotional needs. Collaboration with teachers, parents, coaches, and other members of the Saint Francis community is crucial to fulfilling this role and counselors rely on these critical relationships and open communication. 

The Academic Support Program at Saint Francis provides appropriate and reasonable services to otherwise academically qualified students with disabilities. The program included the Resource Lab, Accommodations Program, and American Sign Language (ASL).


If qualified, a student can be in any number of the aforementioned programs/classes.
Please contact Mrs. MaryLynne Rodriguez, Department Chair if you have any questions regarding the Counseling Program at Saint Francis.

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