Our Brand

What is Our Brand

At its core, a brand identifies itself from other services, products or organizations, but a great brand is much more than that. An experiential brand goes beyond colors and logos. Our brand is our reputation. It’s our legacy. It’s the experience people have with us. It’s the idea, image, memory and sensation that comes to mind when you think of Saint Francis and the interaction you have when you engage with our students, educators and alumni. At Saint Francis, our brand is our promise. It’s what makes us stand apart. It’s the feeling you get when you step foot on campus and the sense of welcome you experience within our community. Every Lancer is a representative of our brand. Every one of us. Our brand is our charism. 

We are Lancers

We exude sacrificial love and practice radical hospitality. We embrace challenges because we believe the best version of ourselves and each other is attainable. 

As Lancers we:


We unlock pathways for our empowered, confident, and supported leaders. Saint Francis High School constantly molds an environment where growth, exploration and curiosity can flourish. An environment where we innovate by embracing challenges as possibilities.


We do everything to empower our students. From minds and hearts, the best interests of our future leaders are prioritized. We celebrate our Lancers and extend our community to all who are, have been and will be Lancers.

Lancers Lead the Way

Saint Francis is grounded in the centuries-old tradition of the Holy Cross, one that provides inspiring guidance for how to teach and raise future leaders and is a uniquely empowering foundation for people and organizations to continually realize their best selves and reimagine what the future can hold. Despite the many great challenges of our time and the unknown challenges of tomorrow, Saint Francis High School continues to bravely shine a light ahead, illuminating a path for every new generation to follow. Together, we encourage people to fearlessly care more, give more, become more and rise to a higher purpose.

Our purpose is to develop our students and educators to be Holy Cross leaders by providing them the best care and opportunity to grown and be a beacon for our neighbors and peer institutions.


We shape the future by nurturing exploration of thought to create leaders of impact rooted in faith and service.


We provide the finest Catholic high school experience in an inclusive family environment by educating the whole student in the Holy Cross tradition: spiritually, intellectually and socially.

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Explore Our Guidelines

The guidelines below explain how to apply the visual resources correctly to achieve our goal.