Emergency Info

In the event of an emergency

If a disaster occurs during school hours, school administration will determine the course of action and oversee the release of students. Updates will be posted here and when possible, the school will use the Emergency Notification System to communicate updates via recorded phone message and email. Faculty and staff will stay with your child until he or she is picked up by you or an adult you authorized on the School Closure/Emergency Release Form returned to the school. The school has a supply of food and water for students who may be required to remain at the school during an emergency. Faculty and staff teams are organized and trained in first aid, security, rescue, roll call and parental communications.

  • Do not call the school, as it will be necessary to keep the telephone lines open to communicate with emergency and government personnel.
  • Please wait for the school’s Emergency Notification System to notify you by recorded phone message and email with current information and special instructions. To receive up-to-date information, be accessible at the emergency telephone number/email address you provided.
  • Before coming to Saint Francis, check the Saint Francis website (www.sfhs.com), tune in to the local AM radio or television station for information on how the school would like parents to proceed.
  • Do not call your student’s cell phone as this could complicate the situation, and the cell phone lines will likely not be working or be busy.

Emergency Preparations

Plan in Advance

  • Make certain you fill out and return the school Emergency Form every time you change phone numbers or move to a new address.
  • Update, as needed, the School Closure Emergency Release Form. This form lists the people you authorize (including carpool drivers) to pick up your child in a disaster.
  • Make sure that your phone numbers and email addresses are current. Parents provide telephone numbers and email addresses that the school will use to send you messages in a disaster.
  • Plan in advance what you, your family members and your friends will do to help one another in a crisis situation.