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According to Fr. Basil Moreau, founder of the Holy Cross Congregation, a true Holy Cross education consists in forming the hearts of young people. 

“He believed that, 'Society has a greater need for people of values than it has for scholars.' This is not to say that he believed knowledge and scholarship to be unimportant. His philosophy was quite the contrary: knowledge and scholarship have great importance, but only if placed in a context of values. He also believed that this essential type of education should serve a diverse population of students from different economic backgrounds, intellectual capacities, both Catholic and non-Catholic.”

- South-West Province, Vision & Governance

The programs of the Holy Cross Mission and Ministry Center foster this type of spiritual growth in all students at Saint Francis High School. We offer a variety of ways for students to explore, challenge, deepen and live out their lives of faith. We promote the school’s Catholic Christian values and Holy Cross mission through retreats, service projects, youth programs, immersion experiences and prayer services. Our programs are inclusive of all faith backgrounds and are designed to make every student feel a part of the Saint Francis family.


Sr. Jodi Cecilia Min, O.P.
Director of Holy Cross Mission and Ministry
650 968-1213, ext. 319

Mary Ann Ruebusch
Administrative Assistant to Campus Ministry
650 968-1213, ext. 292