Saint Francis High School - Sustainable Transportation Program


Saint Francis High School’s Sustainable Transportation Program is one expression of our Sustainability Framework.   During  2021-2023,  we are focusing on building out the program to touch on all three pillars in the framework: I Reduce Environmental Impact and Cost, II. Health, Wellness, and Safety, III. Effective Environmental and Sustainability Education and vision to develop a robust, resilient, and inclusive system that can withstand change. 

SFHS supports many sustainable options to get to school walking, bicycling, carpooling, and taking transit (Caltrain, VTA bus, Mountain View Community Shuttle, etc.) to school and opportunities for students and staff engagement to shape the program and increase effectiveness.

We recognize that commuting is a personal choice, especially at this time. SFHS encourages  you to assess and select the option(s) that best meets your needs. Information we provide is not intended to encourage specific commute mode choices.

How to Get to School

Bike & Walk







For information about sustainable transportation options to school contact

Transportation Coordinator