Strategic Plan

Leading with Hope and Zeal, the Strategic Plan for Saint Francis High School, was borne out of words that Pope Francis spoke when he talked about education. He told us that the act of education means to take risks, challenging us with the idea that “the true educator must be a teacher of risk, but of reasonable risk.”

One can imagine Blessed Father Basil Moreau thinking words of this kind over 175 years ago when he and his fellow religious men and women set out to create and build new schools in France and in the new world here in America. These Holy Cross educators took reasonable and considered risks to build schools to educate young people, a legacy we are honored to continue here in Mountain View.

Leading with Hope and Zeal — our vision for our future — will shape our priorities, define how we approach issues we will face in the years ahead and remind us of the work we must always do to ensure that we remain true to our strong heritage as a Catholic, Holy Cross high school. We hope this Strategic Plan will inspire you to continue to identify ways that you might participate in our educational ministry. With hope and zeal, and with your support, we look forward to realizing the mission of Saint Francis High School — now and in the future.

For more information, view our flipbook below or visit our site at http://sfhshopeandzeal.com.

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