Classes at Saint Francis

Our curriculum provides a solid foundation in traditional science and humanities courses and offers several forward-thinking classes that give students the ability to stretch their knowledge in the arts, languages, technology and religious studies.

Graduation Requirements

At Saint Francis, students are never tracked into specific courses.

Freshmen are placed in honors classes based on their test scores, grades, recommendations and qualifying exams. In the upper level courses, students elect their own placement according to their academic performance and college goals.



Graduation Requirements by Semester Hours


Four Year Academic Plan


Course Work


Students benefit from our robust college preparatory, honors and Advanced Placement curriculum. With more than 120 courses in nine academic departments, students select classes that reflect their interest, align with their college goals and challenge their academic abilities.


Course Bulletin & Scheduling Guide

Below you can download the SFHS Course Bulletin & Scheduling Guide, which is a guide to academics at Saint Francis High School. Within you will find information on the mission of Holy Cross, graduation outcomes, scheduling philosophy, departmental guidance, student wellness, graduation requirements, curriculum guide, academic policies, college entrance requirements, and ap and honors policies.

Download the Course Bulletin & Scheduling Guide

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