Graduation Outcomes

The Saint Francis graduate embodies the Holy Cross charism and is expected to be:

I. A person of faith who imparts Holy Cross values in the Catholic tradition by
  • Demonstrating a basic understanding of the life and teaching of Jesus Christ and the essential doctrines and practices of the Catholic Church.
  • Recognizing and respecting the dignity of the human person, and responding to the call to love and serve in the tradition of Catholic moral and social teaching. 
  • Serving the community particularly by reaching out to those most in need. 
  • Participating in and embracing our faith-filled community.
II. An intrinsically motivated scholar who pursues lifelong learning by
  • Thinking critically and creatively to solve problems and make decisions, both independently and as members of a team.
  • Listening effectively, reading critically and using language precisely in speech and writing.
  • Interpreting and evaluating complex information presented through various media.
  • Utilizing and adapting technology resources productively and responsibly.
III. An engaged individual who demonstrates personal and social responsibility by
  • Understanding the rights and responsibilities of a local, national and global citizen.
  • Demonstrating critical interpersonal skills of clear communication and meaningful collaboration.
  • Becoming self-directed, resilient individuals who are able to set goals to maintain physical and emotional well-being. 
  • Exploring new and diverse opportunities and embracing the call to lead.

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