Critical Thinking with STEM

Lancers are passionate about innovation, intellectual curiosity and the spirit of DIY. They take what they learn in the classroom and apply their knowledge to their interests, be it hackathons, app design challenges or independent science research. Learning truly takes place everywhere.

“We want students to learn the skills they will need to solve real-world challenges — skills such as critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration, information literacy and responsibility. These skills align with our Holy Cross values and are vital for students to address the social, economic, and environmental injustices they will face in their generation.”

-Emily Thomas, science teacher

STEM Clubs and Activities
  • 3D Printing Club
  • AI for Social Good
  • AudioVisual Club
  • Aviation Club
  • Biomedical Engineering Club
  • Builders Club
  • Entrepreneurial Club
  • Environmental Club
  • Future Medical Students Association
  • Girls Who Code
  • Hackathons
  • Lancer Analytics
  • LancerLive
  • Lancer Productions
  • Math Club
  • Milk Carton Boat Race
  • Neuroscience Club
  • Robotics
  • Quiz Bowl
  • Psychology Club
  • Research @ SF Club
  • Science and Engineering Club
  • Science Bowl
  • Science Olympiad
  • Sports Medicine Club
  • Stock Market Club
  • SFHacks Programming Club
  • Tech League



With courses in the basic and applied sciences, teachers emphasize skills such as scientific literacy, creativity and innovation — skills necessary for success in college and beyond. Principles taught in Exercise Science, Marine Biology, AP Environmental Science and more guide students to becoming informed citizens and lifelong learners.


Beyond the 1:1 iPad program, students have access to courses that advance their technology skills such as Computer Programming, Biotechnology, and Graphic Arts. Across the curriculum, teachers also discuss digital citizenship and the social impacts of technology so that students can thoughtfully navigate the increasingly complex digital landscape.


Whether building a robot to pick up objects or constructing a boat out of milk cartons, students combine classroom theory with ingenuity and practical application. Open-ended, problem-based design activities in classes like Engineering and Physics, or in  programs like Robotics and Innovation @ Saint Francis, lead students to use math, science and technology principles to evaluate their work.


From Algebra 1 to Ordinary Differential Equations, teachers transform math into concrete concepts by using demonstrations and real-world applications. Teachers also provide personalized instruction to meet students’ needs, tailoring lesson content and pace to foster student growth.



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